Methoxy-7 and HOT-ROX

Hi guys, I have searched this forum for any information on tribulus and have not been disappointed. Also while browsing I came across Hot Rox and Methoxy 7. I have read up on what these are and am interested in using these (or just one of them )in the next few weeks. However have some questions and was hoping I could be helped.

LIke all people new to something I am thinking about the kind of side effects either of these could have on my body. I have a tendency to break out and have thinning hair (or so I think). Will these products if used alone or in conjunction with something else cause these effects. Are there any undesirable side effects to these at all ?

These products shouldn’t effect your hair as (as far as i know) they don’t touch upon the pathways (eg androgens) suspected for hair loss.

As for other side effects, you may feel warm from HOT-ROX, however Methoxy-7 and HOT-ROX seem to have a good reputation of not having any adverse effects. Search for Methoxy-7 and you may find a lot of discussion regarding cycling, I can’t remember enough to safely help with that. Otherwise, remember that any product can have adverse effects, however it is unlikely with these.