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Methoxy-7 and Fat Loss


I've already asked this in the Methoxy-7 thread but noone seems to answer. Sorry if this has been done to death already. Anyway here goes.....

I have been looking at Methoxy-7 and have read that it supports fat loss. I lie naturally at 6-7 % bodyfat year round without dieting, when not trying to bulk. Would Methoxy-7 not be for me, because I don't want to lose fat at this point, or does it's other abilities outweigh this factor?

If Methoxy-7 is not the wisest choice, what should I consider instead when trying to gain lean muscle? I have already purchased enough TRIBEX and ZMA for 3 months, but it might be worth stacking with a third product...

Thanks in advance.


Methoxy-7 is great choice.

I'm naturally lean as well and it's one of my favorite supps along with Carbolin 19.


Methoxy-7 is not really a fat loss product, per se, like HOT-ROX. It's a little more subtle than that. I know when I have taken it before I just end up looking harder. I think it is a very good and very underestimated supplement that could be worth your taking. But be sure to get some kind of baseline for yourself (photos, BF%, etc.) so you can compare before and after.



Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.


Right. My take on Methoxy-7 isn't that it helps you lose fat, but more that it helps you keep muscle, or build "hard" muscle. Cy says it helps with protein synthesis if I'm not horribly misquoting him.

Carbolin 19 might be your best bet if you want to add a lot of muscle while minimizing fat gain. Carbolin 19 is reported to increase appetite in many people who've tried it. Methoxy-7 would work really great with it in a synergistic fashion.


I'm not sure about this because I definitely get noticably leaner whenever I begin using Methoxy-7.

Granted I'm lean enough to be able to notice subtle changes in body fat, so it may not be observable in someone who's at a much higher fat percentage.


Umm, this might be silly, but if you don't want to lose fat, why not ramp up eating to counter the added anabolic effects of any supplements you take?


"Granted I'm lean enough to be able to notice subtle changes in body fat, so it may not be observable in someone who's at a much higher fat percentage".

I tend to agree here with Chris. I am about 15% body fat and I don't distinguish any body comp change toward leaning out when using Methoxy-7.

What I do notice is a hardening of muscle like creatine gives me. Not quite as pumped though. I notice some visual vascularity as well ie-veins coming out. This isn't really significant to me. The outcome I have is mostly cosmetic meaning recovery from w/o to w/o hasn't improved and I don't seem to be getting any strength gains or muscle energy like I do with creatine.

I have been dieting too so I wasn't expecting any gains in strength. Methoxy-7 could be helping me keep my muscle but I can't tell you for sure. With creatine while dieting I still get muscle energy though. I consider creatine to be a practical supp for my lifting and mountain biking. Methoxy-7 isn't really adding anything to my muscle expenditures while being active. Not to where I can tell. Creatine does.

On another note. I didn't notice anything from Methoxy-7 until I upped my dose to 4 caps 3x daily. Then I felt the hardening of muscle. The first 2 bottles I went through I was only using 2 caps 2x a day. After trying it again a few weeks later using 2 bottles at 12 caps a day I felt it and noticed the vascularity. I still have one more bottle to go. I bet the vascularity looks good when you are already lean though. That's just cosmetic to me. "Veinity"!

Bottom line for me is creatine is cheaper and does more for me regarding my physical activities ie, MBiking and lifting. I have to spend too much money for Methoxy-7 and the most significant result is an emptier wallet no disrespect intended. I'm just talking about Methoxy-7 here, not Biotests product line which I appreciate being able to use. They're cutting edge supps.


It doesn't sound like you're agreeing with me at all since I experience body fat reduction, and improved recovery, while using Methoxy-7 and I don't find its effects to be anything remotely like creatine.


I think you made a good point about having higher body fat percentages and not noticing subtle changes because of it. Looks like you are having good results with Methoxy-7. That's great!


I never enter a contest without Methoxy-7. It definantly helps me keep hard earned muscle without sacrificing my bf%. Otherwords I can go into a contest with about 6or 7 extra slabs of muscle at the same bodyfat %. I know this as a fact because I guinea pigged myself. This is very underrated supp.As already stated it hardens you up & personnally I think the effects are more distinct while ripping up. Just my personal experience.


I AM going to up my calorie and protein intake to get the most bang for my bucks on the sups...


Methoxy-7 can be used for both adding muscle, and leaning out. I have used it for both.

It really comes down to diet. Eat for size, or eat for cutting. Which ever diet road you take, Methoxy-7 is a supplement that will assist you in that journey.