Methoxy-7/Alpha Male

I’m an endomorph currently bulking for the first time, and I’m taking Carbolin 19 to help me gain LBM/minimize gaining fat. I know it’s been mentioned that the Carbolin 19 / Methoxy-7 /Alpha Male stack is the best for bulking, but if I can use only two of the three, which would be better?

Here are some of my stats:
Age: 25
Height: 6’
Weight: 190
BF%: ~15%-18%

Hmmm Good question though I LOVE Methoxy-7 for your goals etc. and that you are currently taking Carbolin 19. I would say stick with it and probably the Alpha Male.

Boy though choice though I would do Carbolin 19 and one or the other. Thing with Methoxy-7 is that some people dont see much from it and others like Myself do. Its more visual though IMO, keeps me fairly Vascular even at a higher BF%. Then the Alpha Male. at the VERY least people report better energy/libido etc. Thats why I said it. Some report a raised Hunger as well which would aid the bulking.

OK Hope that helps confuse you more.


Thanks for the input, Phill. I think I’m leaning towards the Alpha Male just because it’s been hard for me to eat 3500-4000 cals/day. That’s been a lot harder than actually working out. I wish I saw some of the hunger that people got when they started taking Carbolin 19.