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Methods to increase testosterone and human growth hormone levels

Eating frequent meals releases more testosterone from sex hormone binding globulin (from the article testosterone unleashed by Dr. Lonnie Lowery in the t-nation archives). Are their other methods (e.g. diet, exercise, special exercises, recuperation techniques) that increase levels on testosterone (free and bound) and human growth hormone level without taking drugs or supplements?

Squats and deadlifts release test and GH. Sleeping 8 hours per night does. Go whack it if you get desperate to get your test levels up. Thats all that I can think of right now.

I agree with Dyno above, especially on the squats. Also, stay away from T reducing foods such as licorice and alcohol and don’t smoke.

Do recuperation techniques such as contrast showers cause the body to produce more testosterone? The testicles are meant to produce more sperm when they are at a lower temperature. Do they produce more testosterone at a lower temperature? Does a shock of heat or cold cause the body to produce more human growth hormone?

I think I have heard something about the hot and cold shower method, but I don’t think it will produce anything worth the effort. If you want to increase your test level try the Increase Testosterone Stack offered by Biotest. Flax seed oil increases test and GH. One way to tell that your test level are going up is you will be getting a lot more boners throughout the day.

Where I wrote testosterone (free and bound) I should have written testosterone (free and total). Sorry.