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Methods of Eating Cottage Cheese


My lord, it is nutritionally heavenly, however, it lacks taste...
If any of you guys have any methods of eating cottage cheese for optimal taste and nutritional value, please post :slightly_smiling:

So far I have two okay methods of eating cottage cheese:

[Method A] : Jam
Any sort of jam added to the cottage cheese makes it actually tasty, but, it's unneeded sugars simutaneously.

[Method B] : Nuts
Now, this doesn't taste too great, but, it's eatable, I normally put Walnuts in my Cottage Cheese and it tastes... okay, I suppose.


Check this recipe out:


It takes great and is obviously healthy… cottage cheese, Metabolic Drive, cinnamon, pumpkin…


all sorts of berries, apples, bananas,…your imagination is what’s holding you back


What I typically do is cottage cheese, psyllium husk, ground walnuts, ground flax seeds, almonds, hemp hearts, cinnamon and mad yogurt. Yogurt is the key my friend. I typically choose two between these flavours: field berry, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry or peach. Hope this helps!


I love cottage cheese just the way it is. Always have, even when I was a kid.

Its worth noting that I don’t eat the shitty fat-free or low-fat kinds either.


I love cottage cheese by itself…but if mixed with some protein powder particularly a vanilla casein and then with added bluberies and maybe a little bit of crushed ice, (to volumize the meal, but its up to you on that one) you can make it taste sort like ice cream


Eat Knudson. Everything else tastes like shit.

Knudson + Blueberries + Splenda = Awesomeness


I tend to use my mouth. It really isn’t that bad once you wash the sand out of your vagina.


Chopped-up lox mixed in.


[quote]Bricknyce wrote:
Chopped-up lox mixed in. [/quote]

That sounds good. Maybe with some dill or chives.

I don’t mind it with a hard or soft boiled egg, or some tomatoes and pepper and basil leaves but usually I just give it a dollop of almond butter and add some cinnamon.

If I’m at work and I didn’t bring any I’ll get some from the cafeteria and get a couple of peanut butter packages to go with it. If the cook’s around she’ll dust it with cinnamon or nutmeg for me.


Try it with a little bit of salsa


rofl pmpm.


Mix it with apple butter. mmm…


Put some apple sauce on it!


I have your solution. Half bagel toasted and scooped with cottage cheese sprinkle cinnamon on top. THE END


Splenda and cinnamon will suffice for when you’re dieting.


[quote]pushmepullme wrote:
I tend to use my mouth. It really isn’t that bad once you wash the sand out of your vagina. [/quote]

Seriously. I hate the taste of cottage cheese and I just eat it plain out of the container, with a spoon. Who has time for all that other stuff?


[quote]pete0648 wrote:
Try it with a little bit of salsa[/quote]

This man knows what he’s talking about. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s delicious.


[quote]phatkins187 wrote:
Splenda and cinnamon will suffice for when you’re dieting.[/quote]

I’m with you. I put a packet of Splenda per serving of cottage cheese, it’s fucking awesome. Cinnamon is also great on everything. I once accidentally put cinnamon in this black bean and chicken thing I make, I realized it when put the container down, but I said fuck it and ate it anyway, it tasted great.


Spoon. Get to work.