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Methods Discussed in Stronger Experts Presentation

That was an awesome lecture.

In the PDF document, you give examples of what methods to use to structure each block.

Sometimes more than one method is listed:

Example: Specific Physical Preparation
Weeks 4-6
I1: functional isometrics
I2: iso-dynamic contrasts

Should both methods be used on each lift?

If I’m using squat, flat bench, and deadlift for my whole body workouts, do I perform functional isometrics on bench press for 3 sets and then also do iso-dynamic contrasts on bench press for 3 sets? Then continue in that fashion for my other exercises?

Or do I split it up and use functional isometrics on one of the exercises and then iso-dynamic contrasts on the others?

I am confused when more than one method per type of contraction is listed. Thank you.

You split the methods, only use one per exercise. Or pick one of the two. These are really presented as options.

Got it—thank you.

There was also a great guide, in the pdf, showing how you periodize intensity and volume throughout three blocks.

When you currently program for hypertrophy, using the Omni-contraction system, do you use a similar approach or is it different given the goal and blocks?

It depends on the level of the person. Hypertrophy and strength require different variations of the methods and so does the level and experience of the lifter.