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Method you Prefer, Also Looking for Input

Hey, the title pretty much says it all.
Which set method do your prefer and has worked best for you in the main compound exercises (dl, squat, bench, ohp, row/pull-ups) when it comes to size?
And which one when it comes to increasing your strength?
Most common methods

Straight sets: If you for example run a 3x8 you use a 10RM weight and increase the weight when you can manage 8 reps in the last set.

Modified straight sets: working within a rep range, it could be 3x3-5 and when you manage to stick within the rep range on each of the 3 sets you increase the weight.

Reversed pyramid: Starting with your heaviest set first and then decrease the weight and increase the rep.
Could look like this

Set 1: 3-5 reps
Set 2: 6-8 reps
Set 3: 10-12 reps

When you manage 5, 8 or 12 reps you increase the weight in that set.

Normal pyramid: Increasing the weight for each set and lowering the reps, i have no idea how you can keep track of your progress with this method and when you know it’s time to increase the weight.

And now to the idea i would like som input on.
Im thinking of jumping on a p/p/l where each muscle will get hit every 4th and 5th day in cycles with 1 heavy and 1 light workout.
Like this

Day 1 - Push, light
Bench: 3x8 (10RM)
Militarypress: 3x8 (10RM)
Incline bench: 2x8-12 + Cableflyes: 2x10-14
Lateral raise: 3x10-14
Tricepsextension: 3x8-10
1 arm rope pushdowns: 2x12-14

Day 2 - Lower, light
Squat: 3x8
Leg extension: 3x10-14
Hypers: 2x8-12
Leg curl: 2x10-14
Calfs + abs

Day 3 - Pull, light
Pull-ups: 3x8
T-bar: 4x8-12
Supinated db row with elbows out for rear delts: 3x10-14
BB curl: 3x8-10
Hammercurl: 2x12-14

Day 4
Day 5 - Push, heavy
Day 6 - Lower, heavy
Day 7
Day 8 - Pull, heavy
Day 9
Day 10 - repeat

On the light days i will stick with straight sets but on the heavier workouts i had this idea

Push, heavy
Bench: 1x3-5 + 3x5 (7RM)
Militarypress: 3x5 (7RM)
Incline bench: 3x6-10
Lateral raise: 3x6-10
Tricepsextension: 3x5-8
1 arm rope pushdowns: 2x6-10

Lower, heavy
Squat: 1x3-5 + 3x5 (7RM)
RDL: 1x3-5 + 2x5 (6RM)
Leg press: 3x6-10
Leg curl: 2x6-10
Abs + calves

Pull, heavy
T-bar: 1x3-5 + 3x5 (7RM)
Pull-ups: 2x6-10
DB Row: 2x6-10
Shrugs: 3x6-10
BB curl: 3x5-8
Hammercurl: 2x6-10

As you see the idea is to start with my heaviest set first (RPT) and use a 3RM weight stopping exactly 1 rep from failure and when i with time can manage 5 reps in the first set i’ll start over with my new 3RM weight.
The sets after will be straight sets as in the ligher workouts.

And the reason for not using it in the militarypress is because the front delts will get a taste of those heavier weights in the bench and i have had 2 tendinitus is my left shoulder the last 11 months so i don’t want to risk getting another one because of to heavy weights since each time i’ve gotten one it’s taken 3-4 weeks to heal, meaning no upper body training what so ever.

So what do you think of this combination of set methods and what do you think about the routine itself?

I just do a simple warm up on the exercise, like two or three sets of light weights, such as on the deadlift 135x10, 225x10, 315x10 and then do my heaviest weight for the rep range I want, so some exercises are 8 reps, 10 15 or even 20. Then I keep that weight for two more sets just trying to get as many reps as possible. Then final a last two sets of maybe 75% of the previous weights for reps. 5 sets total working. I do one warm up set on exercises that are second but hit the same muscle.
So say for chest :
3 sets if warm up on incline db press then those 5 sets
1 wu 5 sets flat
1wu 5 sets decline
1 wu 5 sets machine fly