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Method for Measuring Gains

Hi Guys, I know this is quite a premature post given that I’ve only been following a structured program for 3 weeks but i was just wondering if a gain in strength represents any gain in muscle mass.

Obviously there is a strong correlation between strength and muscle mass, but am I right in thinking that an increase in the amount of weight you can lift doesn’t necessarily mean you are gaining mass?? Thanks.

A beginner will almost invariably gain in strength more quickly than they gain in mass. The central nervous system “learns” to recruit and synchronize muscle fibers much faster than new fibers can grow or hypertrophy.

There can be no method for measuring the ratio of strength to mass. It’s different for everyone based on their muscle fiber types, training paradigms, nutrition and rest, etc. I’m sure you could come up with some “average results” but, why?

Enjoy this time, Newbie gains are great fun.

Within the first 3 weeks? Probably not. The majority of the strength gains seen during the first 2-8 weeks is primarily neurological. Your body is simply getting better at the exercises, learning to recruit it’s muscle fibers better, and learning how to deactivate the natural inhibitory mechanisms that limit strength in order to protect itself.

But, keep going. Eventually if you are continuing to progressively overload the muscles, along with eating a surplus of calories and get sufficient rest and recovery, those strength gains will produce muscular gains as well.

Good training,


Usually, the neural system is the first thing to adapt to any given new stimulus.

It takes a few weeks for the muscle to actually show any measurable hypertrophy.

Tendons and ligaments are the slowest to adapt, up to a few months.

Strength gains are a combination of many factors, including but not limited to hypertrophy (Other aspects include flexibility, cardiovascular adaptation, strength gains in the supporting muscle groups/antagonists etc…)

Usually during the first 3 weeks you simply become more efficient at using your muscles (neural adaptation), noticeable mass gain should start somewhere between week 4 and 6 if you’re a beginner.