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Methasteron Detection?

I have heard many people discuss the detection times of Superdrol, Methasteron, Methyl Masterdol and related Designer steroids. What I would like to know is if anyone who had been taking one of these was tested for steroids (say in an NFL,MLB,NCAA,IFBB or olympics), and either failed or passed the test. Or if anyone knows the real detection times for methasteron, superdrol and methyl masterdol, I am eager to find out. This subject has been discussed for over a year now, I figure that someone must have been tested while on methasteron. Any and all experiences or knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

In my experience in working in a de-doping lab… if you’re worried about getting detected… you’ll get caught. Steroids last in your system much longer than other performance-enhancing drugs… months. Do your body a favor and don’t start with steroids. I see too many people in the hospital from it.

Especially the one in question… which is 17-methyl substituted that builds up in and kills your liver… not to mention your HDL and LDL levels. The only way to kind of counteract these effects is by taking at least one separate supplement per side effect… each of which has its own. The first few cycles, yea, you may be ok… but no one lasts on this one for long… there’s a reason it’s banned.
Good luck and be smart.