Methandienone Suspension

Hello guys!

I just saw some dianabol suspension 100mg/ml
Im curious how does this work i never heard about diana injections…
Has anyone some insites on that product?
Like how it is in comparison with orals, how often do one have to inject and at what dosages, how long the cycle can last…?

I hope someone can tell me a little bit about it as i didn’t find nothing useful on google…
Also hope the topic is in the right place…


Water-based injectables are a crap shoot. Some of them hurt like hell, some are painless. Never tried dbol injected so I can’t comment. But if the shots are too painful you could always just drink it, so there’s no real downside there. I’ve not seen injectable dbol at that high of a concentration, so I can’t say whether or not it’ll be painful.

Guys use these oral-as-injectables because there’s some argument that they’re less liver toxic. I’m unconvinced because I haven’t seen any real data about it. But in theory it makes some sense.

Ok so if i understand you correctly, it’s the same as oral and for dosing too… Just how would it be with half life if you’ve got some clue?
Probably injectable once every day or so?
I never even heard about injectable dbol so…

Thanks for explaining yuppie!

Dose is the same, half life altered a bit, but I can’t speak to just how much. So if dbol has a half life of six hours orally administered and let’s say it’s five hours injected (I don’t actually know, this is just as an example) then you’d take it however you’d normally take oral. Some guys do all at once pwo, others try to split it throughout the day. That’s up to you to decide. I never split orals just because I know I’m not at a level that I would notice the difference.

Injectable winny has a HL of roughly 24hrs, orally it’s around 9 hrs.

Theoretically if dbol shares similar pharmacokinetics (inj vs oral) you could take it 1x/day or even EOD.

Blunted hepatotoxicity… Possibly, avoids first pass effect (presystemic metabolism). Still, inj winny is associated with hepatotoxicity. Whilst the potential may be somewhat less, it’s the addition of the methyl group at the c17 position of the steroid backbone that implicates compounds in relation to hepatotoxicity.

I’d still expect it to screw lipids up (increased hepatic lipase expression + impeded bile flow associated with hepatotoxicity +… Well it’s an anabolic steroid lol)

Someone ought to take bloods (lipids, LFT’s, renal function etc) on oral vs inj c17-AA compounds and compare. If we could have a large body of people doing this you’d have somewhat of a decent body of evidence to support a hypothesis.

Unfortunately the market is unregulated, so without sending samples out for testing we wouldn’t know exact dosages/compounds at hand (potential contamination/substituting compounds, dosage discrepancies)

Okey, so I’m getting a picture of it… And basically it’s not worth it in comparison to the orals…

Now i got another question…
Many say that arimidex doesn’t work for Anadrol… That i should take nolva, but isn’t that foolish when you’re taking nolva it’s like hitting gas and brakes at the same time…?

I suppose letrozole wouldn’t cut it too for Anadrol…?

Many thanks guys!

Anadrol gyno is called “mystery gyno” for a reason. Nobody can quite articulate why it happens. As a DHT derivative it doesn’t aromatise, so it’s not causing high e2 which can lead to gyno. That’s why AI don’t work on it. Ralox seems to be the best fit as far as using a SERM to stave off or reverse gyno. Taking a SERM on cycle, especially at a low dose meant to simply protect breast tissue, shouldn’t materially impact your overall gains. I know Nolva can lower IGF-1, but I don’t believe it’s enough (again, assuming low doses) that you would notice the difference.

Yes i heard adex does not work for anadrol, but letrozole should help i heard… Now letrozol i can get easy, for ralox… I probably can’t get it…
So do you know anythyng if letro would help…

I’m planning on dosing anadrol on 75mg/day you think that’s enough to make some difference?
Allso i will be running Test E 500mg/week with it
Now if letro helps i suppose 1.25mg every other day would do the trick, what do you say…?

Btw… A few cycles back When i was Test only at 400mg/week i didn’t need no AI… Had it on hand but didn’t use…no signs of gyno or anything except a bit of acne but also not mutch noticable…

Iv used injectable dbol on few of my cycles so very familiar with it, its really good and i would say better than the oral as its not as toxic,
It works literally instantly 1 hour after injection you will feel it, mad pumps in the gym and that invincible dbol feeling,
The bio availability is higher and they say 30mg is equivalent to 50mg oral,