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Metha-Drol Extreme Detection Time?

Hi everyone! I am new to the site. I’m looking for some accurate information that I have not been able to find anywhere else. Please forgive me if this is not the right place to post this but I did not see any rules for first time posts.

I’m a 30 yo male and I’ve done more than a few PH. I always do my research before going into a cycle and I make my decision based on what I’ve found. You must know that I have the potential to be randomly screened for steroids via urine sample every 3 months. I am also subject to a 10 panel but I know that does not detect PH. I just took a piss test this morning and I’m clean so I wanted to take the time to start a cycle in between these tests and I’m wondering how long Metha-Drol Extreme can be detected as well as Nolvadren XT for my PCT.

Before I get an onslaught of people telling me I’m stupid and I need to take Clomid or Nolva, please understand that I do not have that at my disposal. I haven’t run the cycle… Just looking for valuable info.
Metha-Drol Extreme
A.I. Cycle Support 2.0
Animal Omega
Milk Thistle
Pre W/O

Nolvadren XT
Running Cycle Support until gone then taking CEL PCT Assist
Milk Thistle
Protein Creatine
Pre W/O

Continuing PCT Assist until gone
Milk Thistle with PCT Assist along with DAA

Thanks in advance.

I have no idea what the detection time is for the Nolvadren, but I doubt it’s something that’s even tested for. The prohormone itself is likely to be detectable for about a week, but hormone levels won’t be back to normal that quickly. So at the end of the day, it really depends on what, exactly, you’re be tested for.

so, since you just had your test you know you won’t have another one for 3 months?

i guess i’m confused why you’re using a Metha-Drol Extreme, which is clearly a hormone and a violation of whatever rules you’re supposed to adhere to whatever sport your playing. i would simply use real AAS and plan around the drug test…


Test prop 4-5 weeks. Plenty of time to clear the the test and a short PCT.