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Meth VS. BA

Here’s a question for all you crazy-ass mofos who venture out to make your own Prop. This is totally out of curiousity, but why use methanol to dissolve your pellets? Why not use BA?

Methyl alcohol is very toxic, thats why people who drink it go blind

The methanol never makes it to the final solution. Filter, filter, filter and rinse, rinse, rinse. I’m guessing that BA doesn’t dissolve the pellets.

This is such a long lasting issue. Just for kicks try pouring some BA into a pie dish let it sit and see if it ever evaporates, guess what? It doesn’t… then try heating it, guess what happens? It burns before it evaporates…

We all already know that BA won’t evaporate eventually, even with the help of boiling it. The BA is what helps keep trenbolone suspended in the oil in Fina homebrews.

If I were to venture off and take a stab at making my own Prop, I would probably intentionally add some BA to help suspend the Prop in oil at 150mg to 200mg/ml. The BA would help sterilize the product too. Most “bath tub” pharmacies add in BA anyway to make high concentrations at 300mg/ml.

I’m just totally curious here. It would seem to make more sense to mess around with a few milliliters of BA than stand the “Heet” of using over 300ml of methanol.