Metformin Blocks Benefits of Aerobic Exercise on Insulin Sensitivity and VO2 max

Metformin inhibits mitochondrial adaptations to aerobic exercise training in older adults

Metformin and exercise independently improve insulin sensitivity and decrease the risk of diabetes. Metformin was also recently proposed as a potential therapy to slow aging. However, recent evidence indicates that adding metformin to exercise antagonizes the exercise‐induced improvement in insulin sensitivity and cardiorespiratory fitness.

Prescription drugs alway, always have side effects most are unknowable.

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Where did you find this. Share away. The new craze. I am hesitant after what physio said about it. Guys are taking it everyday like a vitamin.

I did reading about berberine. Seems safer with same positive effects of metformin.

Here’s one

The credit belong to Nelson Vergel of Excelmale, he’s into all studies about male, female health. The loss of Vo2 max is troubling, muscle needs oxygen when working out intensely, something Metformin hinders.

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I tried berberine and it did nothing for me, it was worth a shot though. I get bad side effects on Metformin, chronic cough, voice changes and throat pain.

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Hell yeah especially for any athletes like myself.