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Metformin and HOT-ROX Post Diet w/T3???

Hey guys, after a long stint of being a “couch Bob” I’m back in the game. Started training a few months ago again, and have just started a fat loss cycle. I’m dieting severely on my own altered version of a fat fast/velocity diet, with 500mg/week test cyp.&arimidex .5mgED, to prevent muscle loss and perhaps increase fat loss. My question is once I am done this diet I know my metabolism and thyroid levels will be dropped significantly… do you think metformin and HOT-ROX after my diet is over will help prevent me from putting on fat post dieting while I am gradually increasing calories? I am a bit budget conscious right now and not sure if I can afford to use HOT-ROX all throughout the ~6weeks, so would it be better off to use it after for 2-3 weeks to try and ramp up my metabolism to normal? Would the metformin help as well? During my diet I will be incorporating a T3 taper as well. Thanks!

I have used the same combination you outlined. Met and HOT-ROX while on a cycle. I lost about 10lbs of fat. Here’s the thing, I think the gear makes you hold on to more of everything, fat included. I also did a 6 week T3/Clen cycle. I will be doing another here shortly w/o gear. I have another 10 lbs of fat to go. I won’t start another cycle until get sub 10 % BF. Plus I think for fat loss, it’s better naturally, just my opinion.

With reagards to the metformin, I use it w/ all carb meals and especially postwork out. The major side is it may give you gas like nothing else. I mean I had wicked bad gas. If you can get by that it usually subsides in 2 or 3 weeks.