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Metformin and HGH


Hi, I understand there's a thread out there about properly dosing metformin while on HGH. Can someone kindly provide the link to it, as i've been unable to find it?

Also if there is no such thread, would someone be able to outline the proper dosing for me here?

Thanks in advance


c'mon whats the deal, did i not phrase something in the question right...u guys can be pretty sensitive to that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i found one forum online that said 425 (half an 850 tab) twice daily with high carb meals...anyone agree/disagree? injection days/off days/both?


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thanks BBB for replying
I have read your threads on your HGH protocol, plan to follow that (70iu/21 days)
havent figured out the exact splits and times of the injections yet, most will be IM at the start, since i wear short sleeves some days at work i dont want the IV to be visible, but i will try it maybe in the back of the wrist and elbow and if its not that visible, incorporate it

anyways i digress, thats the planned HGH protocol
still tweaking the diet, however what ive followed in the past was a to get in most of my carbs post workout, and some more at lunch and breakfast (approx 200-300g/day)

does that help you?
thanks again


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sorry can you clarify a bit?

take my carbs pre workout and none post workout? i have some before the workout and during (maybe a total of 50g between the 2) and then like 40-50 in a PWO shake, and even more in a meal afterwards (1-2hr)...you would re-arrange that?

and no metformin whatsoever you say?

Thanks again


Doesn't metformin increase insulin sensitivity. It seems like it'd be good for an HGH protocol.


Might wanna know the MOA of a drug before you make a logical leap like that.


Precise MOA isn't known, but it supposedly changes gene expression. I'm not sure if it causes direct insulin sensitization, I think I was thinking of rosiglitazone.



Well glucophage has several MOA's but the primary ones are known. Look for the manufac. press release, I believe they updated it with new information in 2002. If you can't find it let me know, and I'll dig through my old stuff.


please post the info when found