Metformin Alternative for PCOS?

My wife has recently been diagnosed with poly cycstic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and it was suggested that she take Metformin to help deal with the associated insulin sensitivity.

Currently she’s on a pretty low carb diet (as is the recommendation for people with PCOS) and takes fish oil (6g combined EPA and DHA daily).

Unfortunately, since starting the metformin she’s been terribly sick. She was throwing up and dizzy all day. She’s been hardly able to eat and totally unable to maintain her 6 day per week training schedule. Apparently some “gastric issues” are common and usually pass after two weeks, but hers were just getting worse and her doctor has ordered her to stop.

Does anyone know of Metformin alternatives that could be used for this disorder? I’d like to have done my research when we see the doc next week.

Thanks in advance!

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