Metcon for Muscle Coaching

I’ll definitely give this a go and see how my body reacts. Surge Workout Fuel is much more affordable than Plazma so consuming a serving before bed can fit within my budget if the bang is worth the buck.

Should I only take Surge Workout Fuel before bed on training days and stick to MD on non-training days?

Please load your videos on YouTub (NOT shorts) and post the link.

I’ve been fascinated by sleep for a while now. The instance of heart attacks goes up 20% the week after daylight savings time. All of our important endogenous substances are made then, all recovery happens then, and while we can go without food for weeks, a week without sleep can kill you. Yet - and I am guilty of this too - it is the first thing we sacrifice.

I’ll just get up an hour early! I’ll just go to bed late tonight!

Matt Fraser had a really good quote on it: “If sleep wasn’t required, it would be a banned substance.”

Even in really fit people who look great, it can cause heart problems, hypertension, and all sorts of things if their sleep is frequently out of wack.

Anyway, not lecturing you of course, I’ve just been geeking out on it recently.


Obviously me

Unfortunately me as well

Not a lecture at all - I’m with you. I sleep horribly. Most weeks I have at least a night I don’t sleep at all, and a couple that are 3-4 hours. It’s something I know I need to improve, but, like you mention, it’s pretty easy to just ignore it.

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Surge has been awesome, and I’ve come to crave it as much as coffee as part of my morning routine.

Question: If one was unable to take 3 doses on training days (for cost reasons) and was limited to 2, how would you rank the importance of the prescribed dosing timing?

  • The 20-minute-before-working-out dose
  • The intraworkout dose
  • The pre-bedtime dose

For me, now that I’m using it as part of my own training, I’ve opted for the first two. I take 2 doses per day 6 days a week, because I use it on both my lifting and conditioning days. Is this what you’d suggest?

These are “mandatory.” for me:

  • The 20-minute-before-working-out dose
  • The intra-workout dose

You’re going to get insane results from those two doses.


You’re doing it exactly how we script it for the people in projects we’re asked to help. Several Surge Workout Fuel kits were shipped with that exact protocol in the last five days.


Thanks! I’ve certainly been happy with this approach, and I’m glad to hear you consider it my best option as well. It’s made a noticeable improvement in my training performance and results.

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For real. Most nights I get 5-6hrs sleep and okay quality at best. Sleep apnea doesn’t help, but it is HARD to keep that mask on all night.

I was listening to the exact Mat Fraser quote and am listening to the Mat Fraser Joe Rogan podcast… can say I’ve got a bit of a man crush.

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A lot of top level athletes take in a dose of sugar/carbs/electrolytes immediately post-workout to replenish glycogen (among other things).

With the Surge WOF protocol as listed, do you think this post-workout glycogen replenishment is necessary? Or is this in part what Surge does?

In addition to stimulating protein synthesis and growth signaling, increasing work capacity, and buffering intramuscular pH, that’s precisely what Surge WOF does very effectively. You can add a third dose if you work out longer than an hour.

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@Tim_Patterson , am I seeing that right that theres no protein in Surge Workout Fuel ? Maybe its just my bias after being in the BBing world for so long but that almost sounds like sacrilege. I think Plazma used to have some in there yeah?

Am I just not seeing it or Do you find that just the regular amount we should be getting in our diets is sufficient?

There’s a lot of misinformation and counterproductive practices in bodybuilding, like obsessing about and overdoing protein, which often leads to decreased protein utilization. (You need to use an effective protein pulsing strategy for optimal muscle gains.)

Surge Workout Fuel is a fast-acting WORKOUT formula, not an ordinary protein powder. The formula potentiates muscular growth to the highest degree we’ve seen.

If you want an anabolic protein supplement, then Plazma is the right choice, but Surge Workout Fuel is better for peri-workout performance.


It’s too bad it’s better than the Finibars because those things are so damn good


A Finibar is a durable high-tech dense nutrition source that improves hydration, restores glycogen, and stimulates protein synthesis – and they taste great too. We made them specifically for a competitive cyclocross athlete who has Gi-tract problems.

Finibars sure save the day during long races and hikes.


@Tim_Patterson Its cool to see you back out in the forums. Ive been around since the semi-old days (cant claim to be an OG), when stuff like Hot-Rox was getting released and you were more active in the forums then, and your passion and experience always shine through.


@Christian_Thibaudeau @Tim_Patterson are there going to be more phases to this program or is it going to end/reset after the 6th week?


Curious too. Really digging the layout of these workouts and the work week.


Bump ^

I know you guys are busy, but if either @Christian_Thibaudeau or @Tim_Patterson can let us know - I’m on week 4 of 6 and I’m a week(ish) behind… if the program is going to end on the 6 week mark, that’s fine. If it’s not. Then giving us time to prepare would still be quite appreciated.

It would just be nice to be made aware so we have a chance to start researching/programming our own training for when this ends.

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Next Step: Private Coaching

We’ve been busy planning the next steps for Metcon for Muscle and the other apex T Nation plans, including the two new upcoming programs.

The first phases of these training systems are and will be open to the public. However, their subsequent workout blocks and future development will be behind a paywall in the Private Coaching forum.

Christian Thibaudeau and Dr. Darden are doing their best to advance the systems, and we want to provide the ultimate personal coaching experience we believe is better than being in the gym with you.

Instead of coaching you through a workout, we want to teach you how to implement a system successfully. It’s our job to develop the ultimate training strategies for elite fitness and ensure you understand what to do at every step.

It’s the most incredible personal mentoring experience with your choice of one of the world’s pinnacle coaches.

The cost would generally be out of reach for most people. But we want to make this option as affordable as possible. So we need a little more time to work out the details.

We expect to launch the Private Coaching option sometime in the next 10 days.