Metcon for Muscle Coaching

I start on Fridays at 5 and go until 2-5 am on sunday

@Christian_Thibaudeau will certainly chime in much more intelligently than me, but I’d be likely to go Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and just sleep on Sunday.

True, but i love hearing everyones opinion on it. Makes for great convos and discussion.

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While I am gladly answering any question in my ooaching forum, by respect for those who do are fully invested in the program, I will not answer Metcon for Muscle questions in my coaching forum.


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Come join us in Meton for Muscle.


@Tim_Patterson, I’m hopeful my email situation has been resolved as I’m still not receiving VIP20 emails or the weekly emails Biotest sends with articles, in case they were missed the first time. :crossed_fingers:

I feel quite fortunate to have been selected. Thank you.


This is a good list! Go get it, folks!


I respect that this list is comprised almost entirely of accounts >10yrs old, or people who have been actively posting in the forums.

Standing by your people.


It seems to be a great mix. There are longtime members, brand new members, Loyal T Club members and even some longtime lurkers in this list. Pretty excited to see the starting photos and where Metcon for Muscle take’s each of them.


thank you much for the opportunity. I really appreciate it

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Very very cool. Excited to get back to a strict program, detailed logging, etc. Thanks very much to Tim, CT and all others involved.


Glad to be a part of this group. Been a longtime reader since waaayyyy back when, and I read the articles daily. Done several of the programs over the years, but haven’t been big in posting as much. This training style is really my personal favourite so I’m really looking forward to the challenge and following the program to the T (nation). Thanks again for the selection, I’m honoured.


I was definitely the same for many years. I think we all benefit as a community for more voices, though, and you’ll find you really start feeling connected to folks… even the burpee-lovers


You done said the “B” word… he’s going to show up and start demanding 100-reps


Like Beetlejuice!


The code SURGEKIT is not working for me.

It should work now.

Just ordered the Surge Challenge kit. I hope I can still get in