Metcon for Muscle Coaching

I want in! However, will need alternatives for a sled. I don’t have one and I’m pretty sure my gym doesn’t, either.

This reminds me of all the fun on the forums before I3G came out

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I did all the CT “super programs” in the day - look like a bodybuilder, I bodybuilder, 6 weeks to superhero, the Indigo programs. Never disappointed! I always took something away. This looks extremely different from my norm, so I’m sure there’s much to be gained.

I agree with everyone that it’s just plain fun.

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Hey, I got all those! Shoutout to Rogue lol

It’s been a little while since I’ve done it, but my best results have come from when I do a program, and follow it to the absolute T - no deviations, substitutions, or questioning anything about it.

I think it’s something that some people never actually do, and it helps me build my own workouts on my “get in, get work in, get out” days. I’d be interested in getting back to that kind of discipline, so I’d love to be in - but, plenty of others will be interested too, so I’m just happy to see how it works out for others as well.

Cool idea, best of luck to everyone!


Welp, I’ve programmed the plan into Excel. Now all I need is to know the start date!

@Christian_Thibaudeau What alternatives would you suggest in lieu of a bike and trap bar? I looked over the first two blocks and have everything needed thus far; not sure to what extent the bike or trap bar are needed for future training blocks.

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I don’t have access to everything but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the results everyone will get!

I am a 53 yo high school strength coach who needs a kick in the ass. Looking forward to getting this done​:muscle::muscle:

Awesome! Maybe you’ll pick up a few usable thing with your kids

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Always looking for ways to improve my programming to make it fun and challanging, especially the iso holds in different positions. I’ll send you some pics!!


I need this like no one else on esrth. Plesse helpe save my life.

Where should the calories, and macros be?

Maintenance, deficit or slight surplus?

It really depends on your ultimate goal. Are you looking more for muscle-building? Fat loss? Performance increase?

Looks great - I‘m in!
What‘s the intended progression for these workouts?

What’s holding you back from starting?


I want in! I’m looking to take my training to the next level and would love to document the journey!

I definitely want in!! Want to show my daughter it’s never too late. She tells me I’m not old, now I want this 43 y.o. body to feel that way.

I’ve got all equipment from what I can see in the home gym.

Let’s do this!!

If you don’t get this, what will you do about it?

We can still help, irrespective of your admission into this challenge.


Depression from being a prison officer and back and knee pain.

I’ll get moving no matter what. Not the first dark patch I have gotten through. This will just be a huge boost to focus on