Metcon for Muscle Coaching

Metcon for Muscle Puts You in Rarefied Company

I’m publishing Metcon for Muscle for the first time because Tim Patterson requested it (and saying “no” wasn’t an option). It’s my most advanced and toughest training plan – the one I use for my top athletes.

The Fitness Qualities of a Pro

Almost all of my private athletes want these three qualities equally:

  1. To build a fully developed muscular body.
  2. To drop body fat below 10% for walk-around leanness.
  3. To condition for unstoppable work capacity.

I’ve spent years honing the Metcon for Muscle system to deliver these three goals without sacrifice. You need advanced nutritional support to get through it, but the results are unbeatable and almost unbelievable.

Unfortunately, there are two steep hurdles:

  1. Complexity. The training methods and progressions are complex and require my management and coaching, which we now can easily do in the Surge Challenge Coaching forum.
  2. Toughness. You must be tough, hungry for gains, and already in good shape to thrive from the plan. Only you can vouch for your fitness integrity. And if you opt in, just like my top athletes, I’ll hold you to the highest standards.

The Metcon for Muscle Plan

The system involves these four weekly workouts, comprised of two three-week training phases:

  1. Push
  2. Legs
  3. Pull
  4. Physical Labor

Today is Phase One, but you’ll need me to design the subsequent phases for the Metcon for Muscle to continue doing its magic.

We have that problem covered, which we’ll later share along with a surprise for 10 lucky T Nation forum members.

Are You Tough Enough?

Probably not. But if you are tough enough, you’ll develop the muscle mass, the walk-around leanness, and the work capacity of a competition-ready elite athlete.

You’ll need Surge Workout Fuel to do the program effectively and gain the most. Pumping muscles with the Surge formula stimulates intracellular growth signaling and protein synthesis, optimizes intracellular pH, sustains boosted nitric oxide, and markedly enhances work capacity and performance.

A Surge dose before and during the workout creates a reactive pump that enables your muscles to train beyond experienced limits. It fuels gains, speeds recovery, and burns fat.

Here’s the Surprise

We don’t expect anyone to believe us – that a workout strategy can do so much, is so tough, and that Surge Workout Fuel is the absolute bomb that delivers the gains. So, we’re giving 10 lucky T Nation forum members a Free Surge Challenge Kit. (We reserved 5 for Loyal-T Club members.)

Free Surge Challenge Kit for 10 Members


There’s a Catch

Here’s what you agree to do:

  1. Create a Surge Challenge training log.
  2. Do the workouts as prescribed without whining, period.
  3. Be actively coached by Christian Thibaudeau.
  4. Accept the instruction from other authorized coaches.
  5. Post photos and updates in your log.
  6. Comment daily in the Metcon for Muscle Coaching thread.

T Nation, Tim Patterson, and I will do whatever we can to make you survive bigger, stronger, and ready for more. If you follow the plan, you will succeed. But it’s on you to get involved and let us help. We’re here to make the necessary adjustments and tweaks that are a part of elite-level coaching.

Your Call to Action

So, if you want one of the Free Surge Challenge Kits, here’s what you do:

  • Read the Metcon for Muscle Plan to ensure you can do the workouts.
  • Click “I want in.” in the poll below.

We’ll select 5 T Nation forum members and 5 Loyal-T Club members and post our picks on Monday.

Everyone else who wants in the exclusive Metcon for Muscle Challenge – complete with coaching and logs – can gain access with a Surge Challenge Kit at 25% off.

Go to the Metcon for Muscle Plan

Click “I want in.” below, and if you’re selected, we’ll send you a PM and email with details. Make sure your account email is current.

Feel free to leave your comments, as well.


I’m so in it’s not even funny.


EDIT: I don’t need another Surge Challenge Kit (I mean I won’t say “no”, but I still have some left over from the Surge Challenge). I just want to start looking/feeling/performing like the athlete I would like to be

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I love a challenge…bring it!

Funniest comment: “As prescribed without whining” So hilarious

Scariest comment, Mengele stylep0 : “…will do whatever we can to make you S U R V I V E (Say what???) bigger, stronger, and ready for more…”

It’s been years since I hadn’t feel excited about watching how does a new T Nation program evolve

I can even imagine CT asking á la UFC referee Big John McCarthybto the lucky ones “Are you ready” “Are you ready”…lets get in on! Bit being MetCon trainings, I guess that it would be more appropiate saying "Let’s puke it on!!!

No whining :joy::joy::joy:

This looks incredible

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Im in. I cannot afford the Surge Challenge Kit, even with the discount. But given that, I’m still going through with this training. Out of everything, the photo uploads will be the biggest and hardest challenge for me. But I look forward to it.

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Hi CT,

I have followed you for two decades, and are super excited to learn more, and try this new challenge.

I am in just ordered the kit, what do I do from here?

Even paid the crazy shipping to Denmark;-)

I look forward to a few exciting gym months.


The fact that one workout is called “physical labor” totally sold me on how intense this will be.

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LOL. It’s a concept that I’ve used for a long time. Basically replicating the demands of physical labor with lifting exercises. Essentially a submaximal circuit covering the whole-body and doing while doing a large amount of volume/work.

It’s actually the easiest workout of the week!!!


Coaching by Thibs. Heck ya, All in. Supplements are a wonderful bonus

Being a T Nation reader since 1998, I’m glad to see the spark initiated over the last month or two with the Surge Challenge (first) and now the Metcon challenge. It has breathed new life into a company/forum that was beginning to lose its luster. Bravo.


Yes, I am in please

Hello once again CT.

You know I’m down for this.

The forum members, as a group, is T Nation’s greatest value. They are our partners in this experience.

We want to show our appreciation and do everything possible to ensure elite-level fitness for any member who wants it.


Let’s go!

I’m in. 37yo busy Dad, Did competitive Crossfit locally for 3 years, been doing more Functional Bodybuilding in home garage gym (I got all the goodies at home now) for the past year. I’m ready to get back to a competitive challenge, but this looks like the workout structures I love to do. Even have the prowler sled! Metcon for life! lol

Can it be done in a decent home gym?