Metandienone (Dbol) Short Term

I’m having a discussion with a young gym bro coworker. I dabbled in gear in my younger days and feel I am pretty well read. The question is, if someone were to take 20-30mg of dbol everyday for a week then stop. Then get their test checked 48 hours later, your test levels would be in the tank correct? The kid thinks that he can go week on week off. I explained to him that even after 1 week of use, you are probably shut down.

“shut down” vs “suppressed” is a nuanced conversation so the short and sweet on how I see it:
Shut Down = HPTA has little to not activity
Suppressed = HPTA has less than normal activity

I would bet a pay check that after a week of DBol, your coworker’s HPTA would be suppressed, but probably not shut down. How long would full shut down take? I think this varies from person to person, so no comment.

Do you think he will trust your word over whatever reasoning he’s cooked up to make himself believe this? Do your part, tell him he’s going to be suppressed, and if he does it - don’t be surprised.

Better yet, point him to any AAS forum and have him ask his question.

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More or less, my argument is that his body would not be producing test on its own at a high level. That his levels would probably be sub 200. My advice, if you are going to go on, stay on.

I’d agree with this - as would a litany of scientific research.

Sure, but maybe not solo DBol. Still, the point is not irrelevant and is adopted by many in this realm.

Head meet nail. Correct. Also, Dbol alone is not a good drug for retaining gains. Most of anything you gain in a short stint will be gone just as quickly after you stop.

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This does not align with my experiences with Dianabol (alone). My doctor gave me a prescription for 10mg/day for 30 days, then I was to be off for 30 days. I did that for about 3 years [This was pharmaceutical Dianabol that was made by CIBA]

When I wanted to increase to 15mg per day for 8 weeks I had to look for another doctor. I was on 8 weeks and off 6 weeks. My weight started around the low 170’s and before I stacked with Deca (1977) I was lifting in the 220lb class.

At a powerlifting contest my best lifts were:
Bench Press 380lbs
Squat 490lbs
Deadlift 650lbs

After I hurt my back I was only Bench Pressing in Bench only meets (I did two), but by then I was stacking testosterone, deca, and dianabol (or some other oral)

Opposite of mine. I ran dbol over 20 years ago but it was still UGL back then. But it was great stuff. I would run for 6 weeks at 30-50mg a day but then I would be off for several months. I lost 95% of what I gained. I supposed if you’re on as much as off then perhaps it would be more like 2 steps forward one step back repeat. I should add that I was assuming OP was gonna run it one time for now to test the waters. In that situation I truly feel the results will be as I stated. Now that I read further it appears he wants to try a similar approach.

Get in, or don’t bother. I say run 8 weeks and get bloods. IMO, one week won’t show anything that you can hang your hat on. (BTW, no one ran blood tests back then.)

I suppose my hormones were suppressed, but they returned when I was off.

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It certainly doesn’t appear so from your weight gain and physique. Just curious, do you recall having any libido issues or lack of urge during that period? Dbol is aromatizing so it’s probably one of the few things some could get by solo, even without Test. I know I would feel like an animal at first but then interest diminished.

The whole crux I suppose is he thinks after only one week, he wont be suppressed. Im 99% sure that after one week on, 48 hours after use, test will be low low low.

I met the woman who would be my wife and mixed pairs partner in 1976, in the 5th year of running Dianabol only cycles. We spent a lot of time in bed. My libido was sky high. In those days no one I knew was concerned of decreased libido or ED from using AAS. That alone might be a benefit in itself. (please note I never took more than 15mg/day at that time)

In fact, her being a respiratory therapist, gave me my first injection of Deca, which she did the entire time we were married.


I don’t know one way or the other. It might make some sense, but without testing how can you be certain. (Speaking from my experience without any lab testing.)

You are assuming the feedback response is very quick. I don’t know, though it makes sense.

I would be interested in @readalot take on this thread. He might have some research that he has found.