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Does anyone have a estimated guess at the half- life of metandiabol, Bill or Brock?


You may mean Dianabol, which is also called methandienone or in some languages metandienone, but that is just a guess.

If you mean Dianabol, supposedly it is 4 hours.

Thanks for the reply Bill. I guess I didn’t clarify myself. The product is METANDIABOL by Quimper (made in mexico). It is a 25mg/cc oil-based steroid. It is D-ball, but does it being oil-based extend the half-life? If so, what iis your opinion on the half-life? THANKS

I’m not familiar with this product but kind of doubt that it is 25 mg/mL in oil. More likely it is 25 mg/mL in propylene glycol, same as Reforvit.

In either case, the half life is not affected.