Metamucil Weight Loss

I started using the trick Dan John suggested–Metamucil with 3 Flameout caps to help curb hunger. I’ve since started adding Metaumucil to my protein shakes (alternating with oatmeal).

Is there a risk in using Metamucil regularly? I’m a little concerned that it borders on laxative abuse.

I guess it depends on how much you use but my g/f mom is a nurse and saw that I take Metamucil the same way. She said that it is such a “strong” dose of fiber that it will push out anything that gets in the way. So if you use supplements there is a chance you body won’t absorb everything (especially taking it more than once a day).

I looked on the Velocity Diet forum and found that Fiber Choice (chewable caps) are whats recommended.

Also metamucil and Flameout will give you a pretty gross bathroom session. Trust me.