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Thought I’d post because im fucking pumped because I will be seeing Metallica tomorrow. I saw them a few months ago in Grand Rapids with Godsmack and it fuckin rocked!! Only thing is my wife is going and we are going to be on the floor. She’s a tough chick but I’d feel shit if she got hurt. She wanted to go though. Any other people have much floor experience here?

There isn’t a whole lot you can do, but have fun nonetheless.

Yeah, I’ve seen Metallica eight tiems, and four of those have been on the floor. Out of those four, I could have easily brought any female friend to three of them, the exception being a show at the old foxboro. I won’t go into my theory as to why the people at that particular concert were such assholes. Anyway, in my experience, most people in the pit are pretty cool (it’s kind of a bonding thing to stand in the same hot, sweaty cramped place with 23 other people in an arm’s length of you) ESPECIALLY towards females. Believe me, once Metallica comes on it’ll all be worth it.

Thanks guys!

I’m back from the show and it was unreal. Godsmack was kick ass and Metallica rocked literally for 2.5 hours straight. They opened with Blackened which was one hell of a way to get the crowd goin. They ended with Seek and Destroy and that was just phenomenal. The wife was okay through the whole thing, she was right in front with me or my buddy behind her. She actually shook James Hetfield’s hand which was sweet as hell. All I can say is they fricken rocked. !!!



I saw Metallica on the Master Of Puppets tour, Cliff’s last preformance in Chicago.

After the Garage Days Re-Revisited, they jumped the shark, imo.

Glad you enjoyed the show, though.

Here is the setlist from last night

Setlist: Blackened
Wherever I May Roam
Disposable Heroes
Fade To Black
I Disappear
St. Anger
Bleeding Me
Master of Puppets
Fight Fire With Fire

No Leaf Clover
Nothing Else Matters
Sad But True
Enter Sandman

Turn The Page
Seek And Destroy

I do have to say that the St. Anger songs lives are bad ass. And the pyro at the beginning of One were so damn loud you could feel it. Im still pumped. Time to go lift


on last post i meant to say that the St Anger songs live were bad ass…

Metallica pits are calm pits. I wouldn’t worry too much :slight_smile: Just stand behind her and put your arms out in front of the both of you if anybody gets close. I had to protect two girls at a Slipknot concert once…now that was crazy.


Thats exactly what I did. She was up on the front rail and it was easy to grab onto that and brace yourself. It got pretty nuts behind us. I got drilled in the back with a knee and security got after him because he had been doing it to everyone all night, so we grabbed the dude and when we were throwing him over he threw his head back and i caught it in the nose pretty good.

well at st. anger is good live b/c it sucks as an album. only album of theirs i dont really like