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Metallica Summer Sanitarium (DFW)

Time to rock fellow TMen! The Summer Sanitarium Tour will be coming to DFW (Aug 3rd w/Metallica, LincolnPark, etc.) Anyone else got tics? If not who out there would be interested in getting together before or after the concert?

I’ll be there! The full band list is:

Limp Bizkit
Linkin Park
and Mudvayne

Should be a great show. METALLICA ROCKS!!!

I’ll be there! I’ll be the guy in the black shirt. I’m sure that’ll make me easy to spot at a metal show.

Seriously, I have my ticket already. I’d be up for a DAFW (can’t leave out Arlington!) get together before or after the show.

We’re going to the Philly ahow. I think it’s july 12th on a saturday.

Since we’re talking Metallica here…What is your favorite album/cd?

I STILL have to go with the original:


Acting like a maniac…Whiplash!!!

One of you do me a favor: Pick up a rock off the ground and whip it at Fred Durst’s head.

Thanks in advance.

D-town july 4th!

Does anyone have a list as to all of their tour stops?

Here’s some tour info: www.metallicatix.com

Line-up: Metallica, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Deftones and Mudvayne

Oh yeah, the SS tour is going to rock, im so excited to see metallica, never saw them live before. Also looking forward to mudvayne…thats about it. Going to the philly show on july 12th. Gotta love fighting your way to the front on the field at the vet! See you guys there.