Metallica-St. Anger

Metallica can kiss my hairy yellow butt. After they sued thousands of people who were long time fans through the whole Napster incident, I couldn’t give a crap if those bastards died a horrible sodomizing death. Well, maybe not them, but at least their careers.

Anyway, Lars is a douchebag. It’s just too bad the general public has a memory of about 30 seconds.

OK, I am one of those people that likes their first 4 albums. I heard the song “St. Anger,” on the radio and was not impressed. However, last night, our local radio was playing some other cuts from the album, and they were awesome. Is “St. Anger” the worst song on the album?

The production does bug me a big, especially on the drums.

Based on what I heard, I will buy it.

Having listened to them religiously since 1988, a agree the snare is annoying. It sounds like Helmet. I also agree that there are parts when James’ voice squeeks and they should’ve recognized these things.

The DVD is really great though. Its cool to see them jamming.

I don’t agree ont he napster thing. The most disrespect I’ve ever felt in my life is when I saw people with copies of my copyrighted material right in front of my face.

I bought St. Anger yesterday and have to say that I am pleased with it. I like the stripped-down sound, something that you wouldn’t expect from a Bob Rock produced album. The only complaint I have is that some of the songs seem to drag on a little too long, but overall this album kicks ass and will be in both my car CD player and my walkman when I’m working out.

Oh, and for those that say Hetfield can’t sing, go back and listen to him on “Kill 'Em All.” He sang faster and higher back then, which did make it difficult to understand the words. I can comprehend his words fine now.

Djwlfpack, my point exactly. Their singing used to kick ass. Emphasis on “used to”. I don’t buy the shit to be enlightened or anything; I bought it because it used to rock. Everyone’s gotta get old sometime.

I always wondered what would have happened if James and Mustaine got along…

I, like many many people haven’t been a fan since their self titled album, that everyone calls “black.” I might check this one out though, since I’m a ST fan.

I’m a huge, old school metallica fan…But this record sounds more likfe Geriaticca !! a bunch of men in their 40’s trying to sound cool again…, but it is their best album AFTER black… Ride the lighning, Master-puppets, and kill em all are still the best

this is terrible , Everysong sounds the same. What a let down. They built this album up so much. Jason Newstead was smart to get out. I love the old stuff but this is garbage. If you want to buy something well worth the money buy the new Led Zep dvd and cd it rocks.

I myself am kinda going both ways on this album. I’m a huge fan of Metallica, always have. This album is kinda confusing. It has a very choppy sound. One moment they are ripping shit like the old days and all of a sudden it goes slow. It kinda annoys me listening to it. Its like Load and Kill them ALL mixed together. Weird. Also, the snare REALLY needs to be toned DOWN!! Its annoying. The recording also really really sucks. It sound like they recorded it a garage. Even live sounds better.BOB ROCK SUCKS!! This isn’t Def Lep. I guess overall I like it but those few annoying sounds keeps me from loving it.

Also i do not think Robert Trejello(SP?) is a good match. I think he is a good bassist but his style just isn’t what Metallica needs. They need a rocker not some one who roams around the stage like some monkey taking a shit. DAMN I WISH JASON WAS STILL WITH THEM, I LOVED HIM AND HIS STYLE. Do any of you guys know his new bands name. Its something brain, but i can’t remember.

I liked Metallica but now they can kiss my fuckin’ ass. Ever since they did a song with Ja Rule (“We Did it Again”, yeah you fuckin’ sold out again) they’ve totally lost my respect. I know it actually started goin’ downhill way before that, but that was the last straw for me. They are the biggest disgrace in the history of metal and selling out. Bob Rock turned them into a fuckin’ pop band. They can be N’ Sync now for all the fuck I care. Black has a couple of OKAY songs, but nothing even close to And Justice… or Puppets. I listened to And Justice… on the way back from my road trip to Chicago yesterday and it just made me sad to remember them when they had their long hair and all black outfits, just jamming away, not caring whether they were popular with the “in” crowd or not. They just played pure, unadulterated metal. I was sitting there asking my buddy how that (them playing on And Justice…) can even be the same band that exists today. And Justice for All was their best album by far; just a bunch of ten minute songs, filled with long ass metal guitar instrumentals. Anyway, yeah. Fuck Metallica.

P.S. I don’t know if this is true, but I heard Trujillo also played bass for Ozzy for awhile.

P.P.S. Sorry for all the fucks.

I thought the cd was good, defenitely different though, but not so bad that I won’t leave it in the mix of all the other stuff I think is okay. Have to agree with the comments on the new bassist though.

I believe that Bob Rock actually did all the bass playing on the album. Trujillo joined after the recording was finished, so we’ll have to wait until the next album to see what it sounds like when the band actually records with him.

The first time I heard the St. Anger song I really didn’t know what to think but it just grew on me and now I love it. You just have to listen to the song a few times. Alot if mixed feelings, but Metallica still rocks!

2 hour drive…2 hours, crap radio, sick of my current “car” CD’s…Hmmmm…what to do…

I know!, pick up St. Anger for the ride, lots of time to get to know each other and no traffic…yeah…AND the added bonus of driving an Outback instead of the Caravan, WAY better stereo. This might be good.

Insert disc

"Hey, this is pretty good (Volume @7)

Title track

Yeah, I understand about the snare, sounds like old Anthrax from Violence and Force/Fistful of Metal or maybe Slayer…too much reverb and to thin, weird… (Volume @8)

Some kind of Monster

I should really be driving faster…much, much faster (Volume still @8)

Dirty Window

The “One Man Mosh Pit” reaches speeds around 90 M.P.H…'bout 30 over the limit…still not fast enough and now I am ANGRY about it! (Volume @9)

Invisible Kid

These Metalica Guys might be on to something! (Holding @9)

My World

The foam from my mouth is causing strange looks on the faces of passing motorists as I blast by nearing supersonic speeds. Is that a sonic BOOM or drum fill…hard to tell (Volume @10)

Shoot Me Again

Full contact driving has begun, Cows Moo in fear as the audio assault hurtles down the highway and disrupts peaceful cud-chewing herds. Milk sours and Calves bolt for safety. (Knob breaks off in my hand)

With the volume welded on "“WHAT!” I careen down the highway in blissful remembrance of when Metallica did this ALL the time not just every once in a while…All of the days before Cliff died and even some of them after…This music is what Metallica IS…each note, each bridge, each chord all where they are supposed to be, even on the first listen, you know what’s going to happen musically. No, not “predictable”.


Unfortunately my Stereo puked half way through Sweet Amber, though after a 10 minute cool down it started again and I spent the rest of the day listening at a more sane volume of “Just make 'em bleed please” and I must say that even jarred out of my euphoria by the sudden stoppage of Metal, the rest was just as Good.

“Groin Grabbingly Good”

“When I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable. I see no foe. I am related to the earliest times, and to the latest”

~ Henry David Thoreau

bgprljamfan- How could you listen to St.Anger and say they “completley sold out”?? The whole album is totally uncommercial.There will be no radio hits off this album.I guarantee it.It probably won’t sell very well either.If you don’t like the album then go listen to Eddie Vedder sing about his tortured existence
Why does everybody think that if a band doesn’t make the same album over and over again (ie. AC/DC) they are selling out?I would find it very boring if they made another album that sounded like Kill’em All.
-I don’t think Metallica actually sued any of their fans.Didn’t they sue Napster?

Hey, I don’t pretend to know anything about music, but as a matter of opinion, I think what I have heard so far sucks hard. The title track just sounds cheesy as hell. I love Metallica, but I call a spade a spade. If it weren’t for their name, they would never have got airplay from that junk.

The new CD isn’t very radio friendly, so I’m not sure how they could have “sold out”.

I think some of the old school Metallica fans need to cut their mullets, sell their Camaros and LET THE BAND EVOLVE. Do you really expect them to be playing 80’s speed metal in 2003?

I like the new bassist. He rocked on the DVD. He’s obviously a lifter too. Gotta love that at least.

Hetfield really needs to lose that beer gut though. The DVD that came with it made him look horrible, but I think he just got out of rehab.

Again, like PaulyBruce said, this CD is not going to be like the “Black” album. This CD is intended to be different. A true Metallica fan will like the album. Enough said.

The few cuts I heard of St.Anger just don’t sound good in comparison to And Justice For All. Feel free to disagree.

Got the bad flashback that Metallica is baby-booming it’s career like the Eagles and some bands did - getting more mellow each year. There comes a time when a band must pull the plug.

Maybe I just long for the next Pantera or Rhapsody - each album being more and more and more…excellent. I mention Pantera because so far I do not think they have been through all of the commercial mutations of Metallica. Don’t wish they’ll ever do it either.

There comes a point in a band’s life when the must do like Micheal Jordan - leave the honorable way and leave the fans with superior memories of great untainted experiences. I guess Metallica did it for the dough and to ride on the easy marketing momentum…not that they need the money, eh?