Metallica-St. Anger

What are your comments on the new Metallica (St. Anger) cd?? I think it is bad ass! They rocked out big time. Fast and hard like their old tunes. Let me know what you think.

Didn’t even give it a second thought. If what you’re saying is true, then maybe they aren’t dead.

Hey my dudes!!! Rock on!!! Who’s laughing now!!! Those guys are rock hard!!! Might I suggest these tunes as an adjunct to metallica?

“Spill the Wine”…Eric Burdon and War
26 “American Woman”…The Guess Who
27 “Instant Karma”…John Lennon
28 “Cecelia”…Simon and Garfunkel
29 “Indiana Wants Me”…R. Dean Taylor
30 “The Rapper”…The Jaggerz
31 “Mama Told Me”…Three Dog Night

are you kidding me?

Lars forgot to put the snares on his drum. Bob Rock needs to get his grubby, overproduced paws out of Metallica.


I agree with the snare drum comment but the album still rocks.People who started liking Metallica when the “Black” album came out won’t like this one.This is old school Metallica.The way it should be.

I agree with Pauly. It will take time for people to get used to the new stuff, and trust me it will catch on. Some people are having a hard time adjusting, but they will.

Good to go!
Roger copy-- go to 2…

The way it should be? Shut the hell up

I’m uncomfortable thinking of Metallica recording with a new bass player. Did anyone see the MTV Icon show? God he looks like he’s taking a dump while he plays. Dude looks a yoked out though.

St. Anger sounds kind of like anything put out by SOAD.


I give it a 7.5 on a 1-10 scale. Definately raw, hard and old-school, yet in some ways it doesn’t have quite the heavy-ass punch that the Black album had – I think it’s just a production thing, though (like the bass isn’t quite loud enough, or some little recording thing like that). But they’re definately some hard, kick-ass tunes. I especially like song #9 (The Unnamed Feeling).

I just downloaded that song st. anger and that snare is horrible. It sticks out like a sore thump. Im very into music production and that is very unporferssional. I dont know how that could go unheard. But the songs decent, very aggressive.

If it sounds like Master or the era before-than I think we can safely say the boys are back.
Trujillo is a badass bassist, his work with ST is some good stuff.

Stopped buying their albums after Justice so guess I gotta go check it.


From a guitar standpoint this album is a little different than anything they’ve ever done.I think every song is in “drop D” tuning which gives it that low, heavy sound.There’s also no guitar solos which is very un-Metallica.I already know Kirk can play so it’s fine with me.
As for the raw, unproduced sound I think it’s great!
I’m gonna see them in Toronto on July 5th.Can’t wait"
E~Pluribus:You like Metallica?I think you’re my dream girl!

who was trujilo with before this? who is “ST”?

all i know is, thats one scary lookin mofo.

Trujilo played for Suicidal Tendencies.I think he’s a good fit.

He’s an bass player who played in Suicidal Tendencies (ST), as well as a couple spinoffs from them. I think he might have played with a few other huge names. The guy has mad chops and can play in a thousand styles all quite adequately.

I personally thought this album was shit. I like everything by Metallica up to and including the Black Album (except S&M which i also like). I did not like Load and Reload, although they did have musical merit.

This new album is just trash… They sound like some crappy amateur metal band. And what’s up with the vocals? He used to be able to sing.

Trujilo is a good fit in the band. I think if the band lost Lars or James they would be no more, but the replacement was a good one.
The Summer Sanitarium Tour is going to kick ass. I am going to see them play in Detroit on July 4th.
Anybody else going to see them play?

The music’s fine, but the singing is atrocious. I didn’t start liking Metallica because they had a cool message; I liked them because they played hard and had a wicked sound. Honestly, I SHOULD have to look at the album cover to figure out the words.

And that My World song, or whatever it is? I can’t get “Wayne’s World! Wayne’s World!” out of my head when I hear that, so that song is ruined.