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Metallica ICON

What did you guys think about the Metallica Icon on MTV?
All the groups except for Snoop Dogg Kicked ass!
They are truely the best heavy metal group!

Snoop Dogg did “Sad but true”
Sum 41 did a mix “For whom the bells toll/enter sandman”
Korn Did “One” (Awesome)
Avril Lavine did “Fuel” also not to good
Lead singer from staind did “Nothing else matters”
Limp Bizkit did “Sanitarium” (Awesome)
Metallica finshed the show off!

damn I missed that one. I don’t have cable tv. Oh well. Mettalica or Iron Madien which one was the best heavy metal group of all time? I don’t know I think its a tough one to choose between the two. But, what are your opinons?

Personally I think Iron Madien is better then Mettalica but I liked them both.

Iron Maiden? WTF?

They aren’t even in the top 10 of all time. They just had a cool name.

Maiden is cool, but for completely different reasons than Metallica. They have some excellent buttrock riffs, but they can’t compete with the musicality of Metallica.

Maiden blows Metallica out the fuckin water on all fronts and they never sold out (cough…black album). Maiden own the genre because they write better songs, Nicko could outdrum that prick Ulrich in a second (I dare somebody to dispute that) and Bruce is just a better vocalist than Hetfeild. Hammick is probably better than Janick Gers but defiantly not Dave and Adrian and Steve Harris is one of the best songwriter/bassists of all time.

Metallica aren’t even the best thrash which I believe to be Slayer, yeah master of puppets rocked but look at Metallica now then Maiden, Maiden are the ones still standing.

Geez…it’s a little hard to compare Metallica and Iron Maiden. Not exactly the same type of music. You are comparing speed/thrash with a more melodic metal. Both bands are awesome.

I saw Icon. I wasn’t impressed with Snoop. Avril totally sucked. Who told her she could rock? Step away from the metal, little girl, and retreat to your little Britney and Christina pop world. Christ, my grandmother could rock harder and she’s friggin’ dead! (RIP)