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Metallica-esque Bands?



I was just wondering whether anyone who's more knowledgable than me concerning 80s/90s metal can recommend any bands that have a similar sound to their early albums (guitar solos, melodic, thumping drums)?




theres bands like motorhead,pantera,black label society,anthrax,sepultura
so many to name

just have a listen


hey guys what kirk hammet solo is this

wahhhhwahhhwahhhhwahh wahh wahhh wah wah wahhhhhh wahw whah hwe whawh wehw whahwahwahh


oh oh oh

thats war pigs he wrote that in 1970 with hendrix and primus


Megadeth, duhrr


All of them?


Are you in the US? Check out Pandora...not sure if it works in the UK (I know it doesn't in Japan).


Megadeth, Testament, Anthrax, Exodus, Slayer, Iced Earth, Lamb of God, Children of Bodom, Ensiferum, Amon Amarth, Lamb of God...the list goes on but those are what I could come up with in about 10 seconds


funny. On a lot of guitar sites, they consider Hammet a god. I (and my guitar teacher, when I was taking lessons back in the day) always thought his solos were terrible, pretty much all pentatonic runs, tripplets, ect, even though he was trained by Satch.

Mustaine and Skolnick destroy him.


Gin Blossoms


Nah, the general rule on music sites is the more you hate Kirk Hammet, the more hardcore you are.

I just like how Hammett's stuff works in Metallica's songs.

Going to see Metallica for the third time this August, can't wait now...


i need to know this other song, it goes like this:

dun da na dun dun cha pang dun dun ching chong ching wergh 8 x

then a lead comes in:
bing ning wing waaaaargh nanananaduhntnyagrah dun....balara ra...

goes back to the riff:
dun da na dun dun cha pang dun dun ching chong ching wergh 8 x

dybzadarat daaaaa....dandun duuuuuh

bom bom bom bom bam bom bom bahom. bom.

goes back to the riff:
dun da na dun dun cha pang dun dun ching chong ching wergh 4 x

dun da na dun dun cha pang dun dun phish darang dang dohnt 4 x

and then James Hetifeld goes "YEAH" or "...AAAY" at the end every other line




That's fucking dead on.I remember reading somewhere that Bob Rock used to hide the wah pedal on Kirk in the studio lol.Same with slipknot solo's...fast runs,slide,slide slide then one more run,end of solo...I love that band and went to see them for the second time last month but the solo's are predictible.

How about checking out Helmet.Great drummer.


He said bands like metallica, not bands that are good.


I got xm radio a while back and I swear they play them every two fuckin' hours...I've actually heard them on four different channels at once in my pre-sets.I fucking hate metallica now.


Hahaha, that's so spot on it's not even funny anymore.

But hey, some of their stuff is nice enough. It's more of an entry-level band anyway... Kind of the metal equivalent to Starting Strength or so...

Edit: I'm surprised there aren't a lot of people in here making fun of Lars Ulrich.
That guy really is about as pathetic a drummer as it gets...


MetallicA + 9000 = Megadeth. Pantera, look up Thrash Metal.


Eh if you wanna stick to strict thrash, sure, but he did ask for bands with solos, melodic work, and thumping drums. Even still, I'd keep Iced Earth on there - early Iced Earth at least.

Also, I forgot to mention, stick to Slayer's stuff before 1994 - everything that came out thereafter is shit.


Artillery, Warbringer, Kreator.

Machine Head, Devildriver and Chimaira if you feel like something more modern