Metallic Taste

Lately I’ve been doing my workouts very quickly (out of necessity, not choice) and have been pushing myself too. By the end of the workout I have a metallic taste in my mouth and feel too sick for the workouts that I’ve been doing. Does anyone know why I can taste that metallic taste?

Sounds ketonic to me. Maybe your liver dumps glcogen at really quick rates. Curious: are you working out after having had no carbohydrates for 12 hours? If that’s the case, I’d guess you’re in a near ketogenic state. If not, then I’m not sure what’s going on.

Are you on a Keto diet.

That would leave a metalic taste in your mouth. Ketones have a metallic smell and taste.

Sounds to me like you are in ketosis. If you are feeling a burning sensation in your lungs that is acetone, a by product of ketone burning. I did the “Body Opus” diet several times in the past and definitely had a metallic taste in my mouth. Nausea too. It’s normal. If you are not on a ketogenic diet and are experiencing this I would take a hard look at upping your daily caloric intake.

I’ve had that happen if I’ve gone too long without eating, then did a workout. Or, if I had an especially grueling workout. It does taste exactly like ketosis. I assume it means the muscles are depleted of glycogen. Time to eat!

Hmmmmm this is odd because I have experienced this before too. However with the amount of carbs I can tolerant(and eat) I doubt that I have ever been near ketosis. :slight_smile:

Tell us what you eat,how much, and when, before your workout. It could be a low blood sugar problem OR undigested food in your stomach. When you work out hard and fast like than the blood flow is shunted away from your stomach to more vital organs,causing some of your symptoms.

Is there any reason to think your gums, cheeks, or tongue could be bleeding? Sometimes this can happen during lifting as it temporarily causes an increase in blood pressure, particularly if you are lying down as with bench or decline bench. Blood has a metallic taste and if you swallow enough this would make you sick, too. Some people bite their cheeks or tongue while concentrating and don’t notice. Also, people who use chewing tobacco (I don’t know if this is you) sometimes have mouth cysts which bleed. Its something to consider.

I was thinking it might be ketosis. I eat a normal diet. 3 meals, one snack in between. Including the post workout shake I get about 80 to 100 grams of protein from supplements. The only odd diet thing is that I sometimes skip my afternoon snack (because of work) causing me to go from noon to 7:00 pm without food.

Paul B- I don't get a burning sensation in my lungs. NS- I'm not bleeding.

Here’s what I think is the problem. Often times I don’t get to the gym until 9:30. Twice a week I’m been doing the first phase of Ian King’s Great Guns routine. That means, I’m doing a 45 min high volume little rest routine in less than 30 min. I get about 5 min rest in the entire workout. I don’t know much about ketosis so if anyone could explain if this is causing me to enter ketosis I would appreciate it.

I think NS is right. :slight_smile: