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Metal Viking Squatter V-Type IPF


Hi guys i new to powerlifting and suits but had a few questions. This suit seems to perfect for what i need but i was looking for some opinions on it.

Im 15, today just pulled 500 lbs for deadlift with a inzer z suit on backwards which did not seem to help that much. I deadlift sumo but not super sumo. Also squat quite wide 405 to actual depth if it matters. The federation i lift in needs to be IPF suits.

Any other suggestions,

Thanks have many more posts to come


Buckeye Girl and I both have them. Theyre good suits. Ill let you know how much Im currently getting out of it on Friday when I test.


Alright sounds good, i had the website to buy it but lost it, im in the us and should i get it a little bigger or jus suck it up and buy a new one each year and sell the suit after im done and then see if i can fit in it



Get the size that fits you now. If you buy one too loose, its not going to work as well for you right now. If you're still growing and getting a larger size every year is going to be an issue, you might be better off going with a less expensive suit until you reach a size at which you want to stay.



I love my Viking so much that I bought a new one after having some fit issues with my old one. Supposedly, its not as good as the King, but I tried both on and happened to like the cut/fit of the Viking better.

That suit has a tendency to stretch. A bit more so than others (I hear, no actual experience). So, you might get a little more use out of it than you think.


Thanks guys for the quick repsonses, i was originally thinking about buying two suits for squat and deadlift but that would be too expensive. I was then thinking about buying a deadlift suit because i have a problem with records and would like to break the 600 lbs wisconsin state record but then i though about my squat which needs help do.

So basically what is the best squat suit for deadlift?
Thanks again sorry about all the questions but i have to ask for one for a christmas present


Do you pull sumo or conventional? I used to pull sumo in my v-type a lot. I wouldn't waste money on a DL suit. But then again I've never had one. Maybe I'm missing out and don't even realize it.

In order to perform your best in the best gear, you have to be strong. All of the gear in the world isn't going to break records for you.


i pull sumo, i do realise i have to be strong but im pretty sure i have till feb 22 till the state meet and im deadlifting 500 right know in a z suit, turned backwards that 2 sizes to big but i do need a suit that works for both but helps out deadlift more


In general, you'll get a lot more from the V-type (or another good suit) than you're getting out of the z suit, especially if its too big. lol. I have a training partner that recently switched from a z suit (or maybe it was a champion. I don't know. They're both just thick singlets to me) to a tight Titan suit and she had huge PRs at her last meet.

I've heard of flipping the suit backwards, but still don't get it. If anyone can explain that, it would be appreciated.

And, I wasn't doubting your strength, but there are people on here that seem to think that PL gear is a quick way to get strong...just felt the need to clarify. I'm all about getting the best gear you can use.

Check the "Suits and Briefs" gear guide at the top of the forum for more gear reviews.


sorry i was typing a ten page paper last night little agrivating but would you recomend the king ot the viking for my deadlift. I read all of the reviews but it did not seem as if these two were compared


I honestly couldn't tell you which to pick. I've never actually lifted in the King. I only tried it on last time I went out to Elite.

The King material is definitely a rougher, stiffer poly than the Viking material. If I remember correctly, Jim said that the King is a better suit. But I stuck with the Viking because it fit me much better.


I wear a King Sumo DLer and I love it, but I've never tried the Viking. :slight_smile:


I have this suit. It's the only suit I've owned so far, and I really like it for the squat. I absolutely hate it for deadlift though. I have an incredibly tough time getting down to the bar, and then barely any pop off the bottom. I know a lot of people like to use the same suit for both, but I'm starting to think they make deadlift suits for a reason...

For your deadlift, do you drop n pop, or is it a slower setup? I think looser suits are better for drop n pop, but if not, you could probably make use of the V-type for pulling - I know a few people who do.


yea i take my time to go deadlift i dont know i am so confused all i know is i want one wuit for both and that's the best suit
I am now looking a inzer and titan because my coach does not know about metal


where are in you wisc? And your fed wouldn't be the whspa would it?

You can pm me, if you prefer.


na i dont care it is whspa, first meet is tommorow so pumped up but yea it is the whspa


In seymore(sp)? iirc it's an all raw meet.


Na it was at arrowhead, first meet 242 just qualified for state 1125 total so pumped about those lifts but i know with more training i have a ton more in me and good equiment.

Anybody know if metal gives out discounts for their suits for high schoolers. When i can get a titan centurion that new for $90 its pretty tempting. If i can get i discount anybody selling metal i go with you guys.


Does titan give discounts for high schoolers?


yea we do http://www.neenah.k12.wi.us/whspa/ then go all the way down to the bottom of the page and click powerlifting equitment and go to titan high school prices. I think they are quite good deadlift suit and a cemturian for $140 so i think thats what i am going for