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Metal Viking Deadlifter Suit


I have never used any type of suit before and have been doing a lot of research on it, pretty sure iv decided on the metal viking deadlifter. www.elitefts.com has one but only in size 38, haven't had luck finding one for purchase anywhere else. I might just go with the normal Metal Deadlifter if I cant find one.


Depending on federation, if allowed I'd get the metal king pro. It's double ply technically, but has Velcro straps. They're only available at elite btw.


Metal brand suits are not sold anywhere but elite online?


Elite is the only dealer of metal products in the U.S. I'm sure in Europe you would be able to find them elsewhere. I'm sure you don't want to hear this but they just had a 25% off all metal gear sale a couple days ago. They do sales like this every once in a while so if you can hold off for a couple months and check the site often you could score a deal.


You could probably trying asking for a discount, would'nt hurt


Thanks for the info.