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Metal Squat Shoes vs Chucks


Hey guys, I am considering getting a pair of metal squat shoes and was looking for some feedback from anyone who has used these shoes. Are they worth the extra money over a pair of chucks and if so why?


I'd also like to know. They're damn cool looking, and it sounds like the sole might be thinner than chucks.


where do you get them from? EFS stopped carrying them, I'm curious if there is another distributer in North America


Astar you can get them up here in Canada at adrenalinetraining.ca/store.


get the metal shoes, they will increase your squat 50 lbs

seriously, i bought a pair a long time ago and really liked them. but i stopped using them to save them for contests and squat almost exclusively in chucks now. the difference in the sole height is not going to make much difference for most of you. i havent worn the metal shows in a long time now.


In other news... Metal has a Canadian reseller??

Has anyone dealt with these folks before?

I mean, I love EFS and all, but the shipping we get slapped with is just crazy. I think I may go through this site for my next PL gear related order.


I believe Jim Wendler owns a pair. He will also be able to tell the difference between them and chucks. Send him a message


Metal's Canadian retailer is Adrenaline PST, based out of Regina. At this time, they haven't got any shoes, but are expecting them sometime soon (as per an email I received from them last week).


Interesting, thanks for the info guys. I might pick up a pair when they get some in stock.


the guys at adrenaline are amazing. just ordered a new jack suit from them and its gonna be here this week. not only did i save over a hundred bucks by not using EFS i have it before efs is even selling it. Great guys and will be dealing exclusively through them for everything now.