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I know a lot of guys lift using a Westside template on this board, but does anybody use Metal Militia’s template? And, if so, what do you use for deadlift and squat days? Thanks in advance.

When I was working up for my meet, I used the Westside template for squats and deads, and MM for bench training. This helped me to learn my shirt and work on my form and lockout.

I mainly just use their methods in my Westside template. The biddest change that I have made after talking to Bill Crawford and a couple of the guys is that I very rarely bench without a shirt. Ever since my bench has shot up.

I also use Westside for squat and MM for bench, Westside was not really doing anything for my bench.

I made great gains on Westside for my bench. Then I realized the possibilites if you work your technique in a shirt and this has allowed my bench to go up with a shirt on, which is what matters. Sometimes I found with Westside, my raw bench would go up but my shirt bench would stay the same or only go up 5-10lbs.

For those who missed it, here’s our interview with one of the Metal Militia guys.


A lot of the Militia (I’m a member) use the westside template for squat and deads, but stick to the Militia template for bench. In actuality, the proficiency with the shirt is what makes the Militia stand out from some other training philosophies. I have watched Bill Crawford coach lifters to PR’s right on the platform. The first day I met him, he coached me to my first 700 pound bench. That was only a year and a half ago, and I’m almost at 900 now.

So, what I am saying is, kudos to all of you who recognize a good thing and bench more more because of it.

Now, I’m a bench specialist, and have only recently started to deadlift in comp., so I really don’t have much more useful to add…

Yeah Lat, I watched Bill take a guy who had just competed in a full meet and benched 495 for a P>R in the meet. Bill took him after the meet and in less than 20 minutes had him doubling 525lbs. It completely blew the guys mind. He said he had never even attempted 500 in the gym and then less than 4 months after that little seminar he was hitting 575lbs.

Thanks to all who answered.

I am now using an MM template that I use as a recreational raw lifter. It was designed for me by Shawn Lattimer and I suggest people to go to him if they need a bench workout designed for them personally. I cannot state in detail what my program is but Monday is for regular bench pressing and top end work. Friday is an assistance and triceps day. I add in one shoulder and upper back exercise after each bench press session. That is all I can say as far as that is concerned. For my lower body, I use a modified Westside template but I do not use a speed day because I have not been coached on proper box squatting yet. I do one max effort day on Wednesday and the second day consists of more bodybuilding work. I am attending a Metal Militia seminar in December for two days. I think anyone living in the tri-state area or Pennsylvania should attend it if they want to learn more about MM training. I will be back with information on it after I come back.