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Metal Militia Bench Seminar?


All -

How many people would be interested in a bench training seminar by the Metal Militia guys in the Midwest, probably in May or June? If there's enough interest, I'd be willing to help organize it.

If you are interested, post here so I can gauge how many people would attend. I figure cost would be around 100 bucks for the day, and we'd need at least 12 people to make it happen. Serious inquiries only!

Stay strong



I would be. Your in Indiana so it wouldn't be bad from Chicago.
I have at least 1 freind who would go with me.



Yes, probably 3 of us if I can get it approved.


Mike -

Jer and I would be in if it was in Indy.

Nice meeting you in person in DC.



I'd certainly do it


Anyone else interested?


IT sounds like it would be fun. There is always something to learn.

Where abouts in Indiana?


I live in Indy and would definately come. I wouldn't miss it.


I'd go to it. I went to one by Bill Crawford in Ohio last March and I have put ove 200 Lbs. on my shirted bench since.


I hope some more people show interest. I would like to go to this.



Depending on the dates I'd be interested.


Just curious any updates on if, when and where this could happen. You went and got me all excited. I can now pretty much guarantee I will be there as well as possibly two other lifters.