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Metal man

Agreed, Dave Lombardo…hands down.

Metallica, Guns-n-Roses. Never understood the big deal about AC/DC. I think Godsmack is going to be great. And Accept was awesome - Balls to the Wall!

By the way, has anyone ever heard Tristania? Awesome doom metal. The song “Beyond the Veil” is one of my favorites.

Guns n Roses?, ha, load of overblown, over-American load of shit. Bout as hard core as anyone who thinks they are! The name just makes me wretch, bout as on the nose as a Tyson jab. We all know the nu-metal sceane is a tub of horse shit so it’s down to Miaden and Metalica, why?, they’ve been around the longest and have made have the biggest fan bases. The final voat goes to the last man standing and the way it’s going that will be Maiden beacuse nearly all Metalica fans hate thier latest efforts, nuff said.

Persuader - The Hunter
Lost Horizon - Awakenining The World (True T-Man music)
Children Of Bodom - (All of their CD:s are great)

I’m a little suprised nobody mentioned Rollins or Danzig yet. I heard something about them kicking the crap out of a def leppard crew a few years ago, anybody remember?

Somebody brought up fu manchu, if you think they’re good check out KYUSS, especially blues for the red sun, it’s way better

Maiden is dorky. Their lead singer is dorky! SHAME

Unfortunately, you have it backwards. I believe the guitarist for Def Leppard beat the crap out of Glen Danzig(all 5’5" of him, or whatever he is). Hey, at least it wasn’t the drummer.

Tool. i dont know of they exactly classify as a typical metal band, but they are my all time favorites.

Rob Zombie along with N Stink

Personally, I think Metallica lost it right after Master of Puppets as well. Ride The Lightning and Kill 'em All are the only two I really like. All of the Iron Maiden albums from the 80’s were great in my opinion, as with all of the old Priest. I enjoy Danzig, all of the Sabbath including the Dio material, but the Dio solo stuff is a little too soppy if you ask me (aka “Rainbow in the Dark”.)

I also really like all of the pre Fly On The Wall AC/DC, espcially Highway to Hell and Back in Black.

Personally, I think “Appetite for Destruction” was a great album, and I am very curious to see the new GnR lineup in their upcoming tour.

Testament and Sepultura

Slipknot is just too messed up for some people. I personally love them, but if you dont like all the screaming, try Stone Sour. Take the 9 members of Slipknot (yeah 9) subtract 6, and you get Stone Sour. Check out their song ‘Get Inside’
If you dont mind German, check out Rammstein. Heavy guitar and a big angry German guy with a deep voice, what more could you want?
Black Flag, Misfits, Murderdolls are what I listen to in the gym. And Im starting to get into Iron Maiden. Check out Cradle Of Filth’s cover of Hallowed Be Thy Name. And get a hair cut all o y’all!


SLAYER! Seriously, don’t be afraid. Drums are the best in Slayer. Also, Metallica still puts on a damn fine live show, even if you don’t like the new stuff (and who thought they fell off after puppets? Justice is the best metal album all time IMO). Tool is my only favorite newer band.

I am an old Iron Maiden fanatic from the 80’s when I was a teenager, anything from the original to Brave New World, Maiden rocks it for me.

Amen biggjames. Iron Maiden rules. My favourite album is seventh son of a seventh son -(sings) 'living on a razors edge, balancing on a ledge, living on a razors edge…

Slipknot, Slayer, Pantera, Sepultura, Fear Factory, Otep, Tool, AC/DC (aussie rock will never die) Ministry, Soulfly, Soundgarden, Mark of Cain (Oz), Grinspoon (Oz), Not metal but i adore Rage Against the Machine, umm probably others that i cant remember at this time.
As a side note, i dragged out an old Anthrax album cause i woke up with the ‘be all and youll be the end all’ song in my head. Just had to listen to it on the way to work, so disapointed at it not being anywhere near as good as i remembered it. Good thing Slayers Reign in Blood is still as good now as it was then.

After Pantera, all bands are soft…

I’ll second the Chimaira and Slipknot votes for sure. If you want really good shit, I have one word for you: Meshuggah. And you could check out my band (Typecast) at www.aurorapowergroove.com (shameless self-endorsement)…

ok earlier when i said " its the greatest thing since cornbread yo! Word up!" I was kidding. Its not rap. Its the greatest metal music out there. And i swear its geared towards body builders. Its awesome. Get there new album “Believe” ohhhh it rocks