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Metal man

Those of you guys into metal I would like to know which band you rate best be it Iron Maiden(my personal favourite), Metalica, AC/DC, Megadeath etc. Any new kids on the metal block that us fans should know about or do the old guys still rock the hardest, you thoughts?

Disturbed. There new cd is the greatest thing since corn bread!! Word up yo!!!


Pantera is my all time favorite, but I love others as well such as Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, so on and so forth.

You’re such an 80s man! Metallica still have it though. The rest suck. Did you ever listen to Wasp? I liked them back then anyway

The classics are great, but I personally get bored unless I have new music… here’s a few bands you might want to check out…None of this stuff is “Nu-Metal” or rap-metal by the way. You should be able to download some test drives of this stuff on Limewire, etc…

Entombed “Wolverine Blues”
So many great albums but I’d recommend starting here, a semi-concept album based loosely around the Wolverine (X-Men etc). A cross between death metal and good old heavy-ass rock&roll (“death&roll”), this Swedish band will tear your head off and kick it down the alley.

Fu Manchu “California Crossing”
Latest album from SoCal slackers who worship 70’s riff-rock, van culture, skateboarding, etc. These guys pioneered what some call “stoner rock” but their music has enough adrenaline and drive to have a wide appeal.

High on Fire “Surrounded by Thieves”
Martial-sounding metal from Northern Cal band, who savagely pummel you into submission. Vaguely like Motorhead in it’s relentlessness, only more tribal and with more primitive urges. Like being trampled by wild horses…

Electric Wizard “Let Us Prey”
If you worship Black Sabbath, you might want to check out this English band who plays the sludgiest, darkest, downtuned odes to B-movie horror films and sci-fi tales. Cosmic doom, that alternates between bludgeon and throb. Like Sabbath on quaaludes, with a psychedelic aspect and a malevolent attitude.

Clutch “Pure Rock Fury”
Big burly men play big burly riffs. Lumbering hard rock that will shake the foundations.

Immortal “Sons of Northern Darkness”
Norwegian Black Metal, complete with corpse paint (or do you say Kiss makeup) battle axes, chain mail, etc. Not hyper-fast, but thundering blast-beat metal odes to the frozen tundra, fallen kings, and other epics. More ‘classic metal’ than the other bands I mentioned.

Ah, yet another music thread, and I still don’t get tired of them. I grew up on the stuff, and it’s really hard to pick one. Album-wise…Maiden’s Number of the Beast is one of the best ever, and you could put together virtually the best greatest hits package ever with selected songs from various albums, such as Die With Your Boots On, Aces High, Tailgunner, etc. Metallica was my favorite band for years; however, after Master of Puppets they fell apart in my opinion. AC-DC is great of course…I would say Fly On The Wall and For Those About to Rock are my two faves, and ya can’t go wrong with Back In Black.

For the information to whoever it was who said I was 80s Maiden released ‘Brave new world’(best since 7th son) in 2000 and will be realesing another in 2003. I love the Maiden Vs Metalica debate but Maiden have stood the test of time and not cashed in to modern trends like Metalica, sell-outs! As for Maiden songs I love ‘Afrad to shoot Strangers’ and with the way things are going this song could yet again have significance like in the Golf war, magic underated tune. This stuff still sounds light years ahead of the modern music sceane in terms of energy, origninality and creativity, UP THE IRONS!

Here is a list some of my favorite metal albums : Raven- Rock Until you Drop, Anvil: Metal on Metal, Anything with Ronnie James Dio (especially Sabbath’s Mob Rules), Metallica’s No Life to Leather (their demo tape)…

Have you heard of the band Sentenced? They’re from Finland, and they’re on the Century Media label. They aren’t death metal, more in the vain of Maiden. I recommend the albums Frozen, Crimson, and The Cold White Light.

Metallica was my band for years. I really can’t stand them anyore. Anything after “And Justice For All”, at least. Metallica’s downfall was the death of Cliff Burton. I like Newsted, but I know Metallica wouldn’t have gone in the direction musically that they did, if Cliff was still in the band.

AC/DC is a decent band, but I think once you've heard one of their albums, you've heard them all. Their music never progressed.

If I had a favorite it would be Pantera. They never strayed from what made them popular.

megadeth. hands down.

Holy Rob Halford,Lemmy!I can’t believe there’s no mention of Judas Priest yet! Freewheel Burning, Electric Eye, Ram It Down, Washin’ The Dog,etc., the obvious hits,Iron Maiden,Motorhead. (snif)I miss the 80’s and REAL RJS 500’s.

Personally, I’ve got to go with Rob/White Zombie. I’m just getting burned out on Metalica and its clones. Slipknot really shows some promise.
PS, old punk like Black Flag always works for me. Anybody else?

Does anyone remember that German metal band from the 80’s called Accept? They had that one hit “Balls to the Walls.” It was pretty heavy, totally 80’s too. Manowar was another band I got into, as well as some old Judas Priest stuff. As far as what’s out now, Superjoint Ritual is a good band. It has the singer from Pantera, as well as Hank Williams’ grandson Hank III on bass. Pretty heavy stuff.

Mudvayne is definitely on my top list and I seriously recommend everyone check them out. Besides them, I would say Slipknot follows relatively close behind as my favorite. The best way to find out is to get a hold of the music and give it an honest ear.

Turning the debate round a bit which album do you guys think is the most definitive in the metal sceane? For me your looking at Master of Puppets or Number or the Beast. It’s a shame about metalica but at least they’ve still got Lars Ulrich around, he and Maiden’s Clive Burr are the best drummers in metal history. It’s such a shame that Clive has MS and nice to see Maiden playing tribute concerts for his charity, hang in there Clive.

Accept was awesome. Fast as a shark (off of Restless and Wild) is one of the most defining songs of that era of metal. Although they were accused of being Priest clones, they had some really great songs.

Most definitive metal album has to be JP: British Steel, Ozzy’s Blizzard of Ozz, or Metallica’s Kill em all.

Best metal drummers? Um, hello? Dave Lombardo. Igor Cavalera. Lars fuckin’ blows.