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Metal Jack Deadlift Suit Break In

Posted this in the strongman forum too, but fwiw:

Bought a Metal Jack deadlift suit for an upcoming (strongman) comp in January. Fits great, actually, so I’m lucky there; but now I need to break it in. I’ve never lifted multi-ply before, so I’m hoping those who have can point a guy in the right direction re: breaking it in, how to use it for a big pull, etc.

Thanks in advance gentlemen.

@Reed @Ouroboros @corstijeir

Deadlift suits aren’t as bad to break in usually. But just simply wearing it for one. It certain spots of the suit are to tight or you just want em to stretch more spray with hot water once you have it on. Reallyy get it wet. Then I suggest using blocks and going a little lower each week. Slowly breaks the suit in you will probabky actually here popping. Don’t be to worried about it


@Reed Thanks man. You’ve helped me with some stuff in the past before and I’m glad you’re still on this site! Just so happen to be doing a PROM type deadlift routine leading into the comp in January, so happy to hear I can break it in that way. Cool to see you doing some geared work!! That squat was a smokeshow. I’ll post back here after deadlifts on Wednesday.

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