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Metal IPF King Sumo Deadlifter Sizing


I was just wondering if anyone has used this suit with success and check on sizing. I pull sumo and wanted to try this instead of my wide stance super centurion. my problem is that according to the sizing chart my hips are 40inch or a size 46 while my thighs are 26inch or size 52-54..... What size would you recommend???? Maybe a size 50 and take in the hips?

Thanks for your input


I use a 46 and they stretch a lot in the hips and are very tight in the thigh. I'd also be around a 52 from my thigh, a 46-48 from my hips, but a 40 from my waist. Depending on your experience with tight equipment and pain tolerance, I'd go tight and find a good tailor, if it slips too much. I'd also make sure that the 48-50 is tall enough for you, as I am 5'5" and 46 is just long enough. The Centurions are longer than the Metal, in my experience. If it is tight from shoulders to thighs, it might work with your hips - but it kind of depends on where you like your support.


Sweet thanks for the reply. I am very good with pain tolerance so I think I might try a size 50 and I like really tight straps so I'm sure it will be long enough at 5'6.5". Otherwise I actually dont mind tailoring hips myself so I will just take them in. Are the seams like the centurion where I can just turn it inside out then fold and stitch?