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Metal Bencher

I was thinking of getting the Metal IPF Bencher and It will be my first shirt. My training partners all use Inzer, and the few times I have ordered from them I have been very disappointed with their customer service, so fuck em.

Nobody I ask seems to know much about the Metal Benchers, and I was wondering if they are good shirts to start out with, how is the groove, and how does the sizing run? I know they are a little $$$$, but money is not an issue. If it helps I bench with a pretty good arch, tucked elbows, and I touch low. Thanks a lot.


If it helps I bench with a pretty good arch, tucked elbows, and I touch low. Thanks a lot.

sounds like you need a titan.

i used thier stuff and as a first time shirt user i was amazed. with a 430 raw bench i hit 500 with in 45 minutes and i had more left in me.

if you want the contact i used he has 3 world record benchers as guys he sells titan stuff to. wong, jackson, and gillispe. all studs with 700+ each. one is in the eights i beilve as well.

just let me know.

GO METAL. I have learned from experience that Metal is a great company over all. You should check out www.elitefitnesssystems.com if you want sizing info. Also you can call them for more information since they are great at customer service too.

Yeah I plan on getting it from EliteFTS. Gometal.com is the Metal site, but I don’t know anything about Euros or whatever currency they use. I tried a Titan Fury and I really didn’t like it all that much. I only used it for one training session, and we didn’t get along at all.

Man, I’ve got the Titan Fury and the F6. I am ready to give both away.

I bought the Metal Pro bencher and couldn’t be happier.

I know a lot of guys like the double denim, but the groove is a bitch to learn. If the shirt is off at all, the result is a missed lift.

Buy the Metal shirt, You won’t be dissapointed.

no titan love on this thread. well good luck to you and that metal bencher.

but so far, ill stick to my titan.

by the way, what didn’t you guys like about the titan? it will give me somthing to look out for

If you arch on the bench, tuck your elbows, and bring the bar low, then the Titan F6 will work like a charm for you. I cal almost guarantee that you will see more carryover from an F6 than you will any of the METAL shirts right away. I am fairly certain you will need to alter you METAL shirt, should you decide to buy one. Their sizing of arms in relation to chest panel is off a bit, and most that use the METAL gear (single and double ply) will tell you that they had to have their chest panel taken in an inch or more for the shirt to be effective. Yes, I have used both and can say with certainty that the F6 works better for me. Money may not be an issue for you, but Titan wins hands down in that department as well. Half the price of a METAL shirt, and carries with it a year guarantee against runs and blow-outs. METAL has no such guarantee. If you have any additional questions just ask. Either shirt will work fine for you. I just believe that based on your style of benching that the F6 will give you more “pop” and more carryover, because we have seen it time and time again.

Let me be the first to say that shirts are a very personal thing. If you find one that works for you, stick with it.

I just didn’t get any support at all out of the Fury or the F6. Plus the Titan shirts bruise the hell out of you. A Metal shirt doesn’t do that.

Like I said I am ready to give my Titans away. They just don’t have any resale value.

As far as blowouts, I’ve talked to Dave and he is only aware of one Metal shirt blowing out. One shirt, out of all that he has sold. Dave always stands behind his products, and always does the right thing- every time.

I’ve just not found the sizing issue you bring up to be to be true, and I know a lot of lifters who wear Metal. Yes, the briefs may need to be taylored, but not the shirts.

If you are going single ply, check out the Metal X-type Viking. It is one of the tube-sleeve shirts that are dominating single-ply meets.

I found the old Metal IPF Bencher to be much like an Inzer EHPHD without the bruising. Good but not great.

Currently I am competing in a Titan F6 and am quite happy with it. I also have an Inzer RageX and they are essentially the same shirt…The stock Titan fits me a little better and so I use it.

I’ve seen one of the Metal Pros, but never used it, so I couldn’t say too much about it. It looked like a good shirt, and the gent using it was getting a good carryover.

I have used titan inzer and karin klein. The titan’s I have are sigle plys a f6 and a fury. I like the f6 better but when the weight gets heavy then nothing works better then my Karin 2 ply denim. I just can’t use it in some federations the difference is 70 pounds. The Inzers I have tried were all older ones and didn’t fit properly. My wife has a rage x Inzer and it looks like it is going to be a good shirt when she gets strong enough to touch

[quote]W.E.C wrote:
If you are going single ply, check out the Metal X-type Viking. It is one of the tube-sleeve shirts that are dominating single-ply meets.


What single ply meets are these? the two biggest benches in single ply gear are done in Titan Fury F6, or Inzer RageX

Sorry about the confusion: “Tube sleeve” refers to a design of shirt, not a specific shirt.

The Metal X type is basically a clone of the RageX/F6, and all three of them are “tube sleeve” shirts. (Name comes form the circular cross section of the sleeve, check out the Titan website for a good description)

And so I was trying to say that “Tube Sleeve” i.e. RageX/F6/Xtype shirts are dominating single ply competitions.

I’ll try to remember to drink the coffee before posting…

I would recommend an Inzer Rage (not RageX) for a first shirt. The RageX may be too much to begin with. I’ve tried about every shirt there is. The Rage is easy to use and isn’t terribly uncomfortable. I think they are either $75 or 95, I can’t remember. If you had trouble with Inzer, order from the Powerlifting Superstore 800-268-2248. The service is WAY better.