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I have a decent amount of knowledge on it but would like to hear what anyone here has to say. How much did you use? Do you like it more then slin, assuming you’ve tried slin. Have you ever noticed any sides?


I think I mentioned this before. I am using Met right now, used it for about 6 months on the last run. I have never used slin and never will. I don’t like things that could kill me.

Sides are horrible gas the first couple of weeks, but I found if I started with 250 MG 2 to 3 times a day and ramped up it wasn’t noticable. At most I might use 2000 MG a day.

I use it to drop in to Keto (since it blocks carb uptake in the lower intestine and limits insulin spikes) and with any PWO meals or carb meals on cheat days. It’s mostly harmless and is touted as a life extension drug for the middle age folks like me. Whether that’s true or not who knows, I read it on a website. Met won’t make you go hypo, although the first time I used it I was traveling and didn’t get to eat for like 8 hours, I did feel a little dizzy and sweaty, but that only happened once. Also when I go off, I just stop, no problems.

I love the stuff. I take around 450in the morning after first meal of day, then 450 pwo, then 450 later in the day after a later meal. Great for fat loss and also for staying lean while eating a shitload of calories.

Assuming you mean Metformin (Glucophage) I tried it but got really bad dizzy spells and nausea even on very low dosages. Gave the rest to my mum for anti aging/ anti glyco purposes and she ended up fainting in a restaurent!! Maybe genetic dunno! Any that was my experience.