Does Metaformin increase insulin sensitivity?

do you mean metformin? then:yes, but maybe only becouse it slows down the movement/absorbtion of food in the gut.It suppresses the apetite. You get full from one egg while on it!

Here’s a little test to find out. Don’t eat anything for a 24hr period, then take a tablet of metformin. If you felt like passing out 30min later, then yes. I have done this before so trust me, it will happen.

John U: would you mind giving us a crash course in how metformin would best serve one’s efforts to make post-workout nutrition more effective. You have mentioned that you use it numerous times in conjunction with your pre and post workout shakes with great success. So, please break down the how, when, and whys of using metformin for post-workout nutritional benefits. Thanks.

Well, metformin (glucophage) belongs to a class of drugs called biguanides. While its mode of action is unclear it is thought to improve insulin’s action in the body, possibly at peripheral receptors, and lower the amount of glucose released by the liver. Unlike sulfonylureas it does not act on the beta cells and increase insulin. This means the person must already produce insulin and spike it with glucose after training. Since its absorption is reltively slow, 6hrs, and plasma half-life low, 2-4hrs, it should be taken multiple times per day. It does have a fast initial clearance so it should be taken close or with the post-workout meal as well. I take it in the morning and after I train which is later in the day. The highest I’ve ever done was 2550mg in a day and don’t think that it has any significant benefits over 1700mg. That is about as much information I can give because I’m still experimenting.