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Have been doing some research on Metaformin over the last few days, as im aware, several members of this forum are currently running this particular drug and i would just like some input reguarding my concerns.

Lactic acidosis is something i have come across.
Now most of the info i have found is mostly connected to those with heart problems/weakness.

I guess the question i wish to find the answer to is how will metaformin react long term to altering lipid profiles in AAS users.

Obvious my research will continue but if anyone already has the answer i could be lazy :wink:

Fuck it Tbol is a good mate so I am ending my 2 week posting ban :slight_smile:

You may get better results searching for metformin as opposed to metaformin mate :stuck_out_tongue:

It is hard to find information that relates to metformin use for non diabetics and/or BB.

Did you read Bushy’s ‘metformin safety’ thread? There is some great stuff there.

With regards to lipid profiles:



This study states metf. had positive effects on lipid profiles :slight_smile:


I have self diagnosed myself with poor insulin sensitivity which is why I have decided to use metf, it was also recommended to use it alongside GH if not using insulin.

I cannot see any major benifits for a young person who has no problems with weight in using metf, unless of course they have a medical need, but for most guys our age we can all benifit from increased insulin sensitivity.

I had my bloods done the day before I started metf. and will have them done each month for the 3 months I am on metf. I will relay my results once I have them.

no sorry mate, i read it when it was about then forgot about it.
Feel a twat now.
It actually answers my questions several times.

Cheers Mate & cheers bushy for making the thread.