Metaform Heat = Vomit

Couple of people at my work split a box of Metaform Heat Orange flavor to drink before working out today. What the hell did they use to flavor this crap, it smelled and tasted worse then vomit. I actual had someone from the other end of the build come over to see who got sick. Please let me know what other proteins and MRP taste like shit so i don’t waste anymore money.

Biotest Grow! Hands down winner.

I only order supplements once every month or two, and nobody sells BioTest around me. GNC and Vitamin World both don’t. So I just want some emergancy options. Hopefully BioTest comes to a town near me soon!!!

How about ordering online? Same price as GNC, but you pay shipping instead of sales tax (depending on where you live). sells biotest supps along with tons of other stuff way cheaper than GNC or Vitamin world. That is the only place I order from. They are very reliable and inexpensive.

That is the absolute worst tasting shit I have ever put into my mouth. By the way, this stuff is supposed to be used as a pre-workout stimulant, not a meal replacement. The put Ephedra in it which might account for the foul taste. Im assuming the only reason you bought it was because it was probably on clearance because nobody buys this crap. At least spring for some cheap Optimum Nutrition shitty whey Powder, a multivitamin and some Maltodextrin, miw it with milk and there you have a cheap MRP.

You would be better taking a thermogenic seperately rather than one of those mrp’s that market themselves with thermogenic properties. Grow, Myoplex, Met-rx, droian yates approved, and lean body are all good.