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I need to know anyones results with the supplement, Metacuts made by Metaform as it is the only fat burner i can get here also will it be any good following a low carb diet at the same time as i need to loose 12.5 lbs fat in 2-3 weeks. The recommended dosage is 4 tablets 30-60 mins before exercise will i be able to take this 3 times a day totalling 12 tablets.
input please

I’m not familiar with it, but what are the ingredients? It’s efficacy can probably be judged from that.

I remeber trying them a few years back. If I rember right they had Mahuang and Guarana. It felt the same as taking Twin Labs Ripped Fuel. I think the doses of Mahuang and Guarana were about the same too. I took them for the energy though not the fat burning seeing is that I was about 6% BF at the time, so I can’t help with that aspect of the question.

Supplements containing enough Mua Huang and guarana to
provide good amounts of ephedrine and caffeine (like
20 and 200 mg respectively) are pretty effective for
helping fat loss. However, a bad problem with the herbals,
even for the most reputable companies, is that ephedrine
content varies wildly. One bottle may be very potent and
another quite weak. So, ephedrine HCl is a better
ingredient because there, the manufacturer knows exactly
what and how much he is putting in.

By the way, 12 lb of fat loss in 2-3 weeks is not realistic.
That much weight could be lost, but a lot would be water

I did drop 10 lb that stayed off from 10 days
of starvation while on TA once, though, but I bet it
was 6 lb of fat and 4 lb LBM. It was one inch on the waist
which for me corresponds to 6 lb of fat.

In other words, don’t expect to drop anything like
12 lb of fat in 2 or 3 weeks under natural conditions.
Two pounds per week is a very good result.