I was on a fat loss program for about a month and then I started having problems sleeping. I figured that I was overtraining, so I took a week off of working out,it didn’t help at all, and my metabolism has dropped through the floor. Then life got in the way and I ended up taking another week off, which seemed to cure my sleeping problems, but lowered my metabolism even farther. I have almost no appetite at all anymore. Today I went over 8 hours on 3 cups of cereal without even feeling hungry in the least. I am thinking about returning to building mass for a while to raise my metabolism, and then start back with the fat loss with a vengance. How long would it take to signifigantly raise my metabolism back to its peak, or somewhere near?

Neb, I wouldn’t know how long it would take you to peak your metabolism, but I would suggest you go back to maintence calories, dividing it into 6x per day of eating, to jumpstart your body without putting much of the fat back that you lost.I have found that five days of dieting (eating 6x day) with 36 hr of cheat (don’t go overboard),works best to keep my metabolism up and I have a rather fast metabolism. Take your temperature every morning at the same time before you roll out of bed and this will give you a rough clue to what your metabolism is doing. higher temps = faster metabolism.