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Metabolism slow and diet


How to raise basal-metabolism?


Put on some beef! =)


I've heard cocaine and crystal meth are good.

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There are many things that can raise your basal metabolism. Some just a little like:
Green tea
Some supplements
Drinking cold water all day
A rise in body temperature
Room temperature

And ones that are bigger factors would be:
Interval training
Diet (controlling insulin levels)
Diet (meals spread through out the day)
Resistance training (recovery process)
And most important what Squatman said the more muscle you have the more calories you body needs.

Anyone else have any?


I agree with DocT: Ride the Snake.


Muscle, particularly in the large muscle groups- do squats, deads, pullups, rows. Those are your largest muscle groups. Even just a couple of lbs of LBM added to these groups will raise your BMR quite a bit.