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Metabolism Restore from Low Cals/Exercise


I have already posted here a few times, but my issue with weight seems never ending. Im able to put up muscle( Im kind of thicker), but im holding fat on it and still gaining. I have been keeping track on how many cal i eat. I eat between 1000-1100 cal a day. Female 5’6" 128lb.

I use to eat even less. my food consists of chicken, egg whites, good low glyc carbs, coconut oil- 1 teaspoon, veggies,no junk at all no soda. Exercise 5-6 days. weights and cardio. (3-4 days weights, 4-5 days cardio) why i cant lose fat, why i keep gaining weight instead of losing? what else i shuld do. my friends dont exercise and look more toned than I do. so flustruating.

How to restore metabolism and how long does it aproxim takes to start see result? Im so afraid of gaining more.

Try eating more for a bit and see what happens. For real.

If you aren’t weighing and measuring your food so you know for sure where your calories are, then do that and see.

You may have a thyroid problem. Have you seen a Dr.? Also, many gyms will measure your RMR or Resting Metabolic Rate. That would give you more information about where your metabolism is. You could get your Body Fat done as well, so you know if your perception of where you are is accurate.

5’6" and 128 doesn’t sound like a fat person. You mentioned that you used to eat less than 1000 calories per day. If you are recovering from an eating disorder, then you may have some metabolic damage. In that case, I’d agree with Coyote above, and also see a good doctor.

Definitely consider getting your thyroid checked. And, this is easier said than done, but try to find a good doc that will check more than just TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). That’s a good place to start, but definitely not enough. Also, consider getting a hormone panel done as well. Do you take birth control? If you’re estrogen dominant, it can effect the T3 conversion (how well you utilize thyroid hormone). There are other factors to consider, but this should be a good start.

She’s 5’6’’ and weighs 128 lbs, she doesn’t have a thyroid problem. You almost certainly don’t have much fat to lose and as a woman there’s some you pretty much can’t lose without the aid of drugs. Also if you’re lifting you could be building a little bit of muscle, which would cause your weight to go up a bit.

Also you could be retaining some water, depending on what time of the month it is for you.

Also also maybe step away from a scale for a while? 1000-1100 calories a day isn’t really enough for an adult long term, no matter how much they weigh, and if you’re in a permanent starvation state then again you aren’t going to lose any fat. Your body won’t let it go.

hi, thx for coments. well I’m already on 150 mcg synthroid and 12.5 cytomel. My latest blood test shows free T4 over range, free T3 upper range. I have been struggeling with this for ages. No matter what dosage I’m I have difficulty to lose weight. I’m also on Metformin 1250mg day to control blood sugar. I am big mess.

You are not eating enough. Period.
First of all there is no way that ‘with muscle’ as you say, at 5’6’’ and 128lb, that you are ‘thick’ or ‘fat’.
Try upping your calories but at least 5-600 per day, steady for a few weeks and see what happens.



What’s the minimum a woman shouldn’t go under?

The articles here, geared to the fellas, generally say a college male should never drop below 1600.

[quote]giograves wrote:
What’s the minimum a woman shouldn’t go under?

The articles here, geared to the fellas, generally say a college male should never drop below 1600.[/quote]

1200 is the number I’ve seen most cited for women. That said, we are all individuals. Her “sweet spot” for weight loss or maintenance will vary. You can find free “weight loss estimators” online at places like fitday.com, these will attempt to take into account activity levels, current weight, goal weight, etc… to find her calorie goal for loss or maintenance.

I know MANY women who eat less than 1200 calories for a few days. Think of the intermittent fasting results, and you can make a case for it. Realistically, results are going to depend on her size, age, metabolism, etc… On the extreme end, you will see very active women in the ballet world eating about 800 calories per day on a daily basis to maintain an extremely thin body ideal. Most people would consider than unhealthy, but you see it a lot in very small women.