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Metabolism Recovery

Was wondering how others deal with this situation that i come across often…Most women when trying to lose weight starve themselves thus ruining their metabolism. This could range from an overweight woman 185 35% bodyfat to a woman who is 125 23% but cant get the BF% to go down. Obviously both need to increase LBM and decrease BF%. In the case of the 125 23% woman, she has prob been doing some sort of weight training (high reps, light weight) and way to much cardio. Coupled with in adequate nutrition this leads to frustraion. In addition to revamping the weight training, I use JB’s Don’t Diet formula (including x.85) then subtract another 15-20% according to JB’s recomendations for women. Of course i use proper meal combos and timing, ect. to manage insullin levels. I find that this number when followed with dedication sort of kick starts the metabolism leading to some fat loss and muscle gain (the increase in LBM is prob due to the caloric intake being a surplus as opposed to what they had been eating even though its still below their theoretical “maintainance” level). After 4-6 weeks of dedicated proper eating at this caloric intake I reasses body comp and change the caloric intake. I also find that most women like this, age is usually 30-50yrs old do better with a carb intake of 40% or less (most likly a 40%P 30%C and 30%F) Obviously for a woman that eats way above maintenace its a little easier since decreasing the calories and make smarter food choices helps a lot, but i find most women undereat and slow their metabolisms to a crawl.

Was wondering how some of you deal with this type of situation as it seems pretty common and if you agree or disagree with my approach.