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Metabolism Questions


I have been trying to tweak my diet to improve my fat loss goal and came across an article about "The Warrior Diet". Not sure how old or new those articles were and have not went and bought the book, am just sorta looking at it through the information on this sight.

Now to my question. In the past, before I started working out and trying to lose weight, I would eat only once a day, usually in the evening, along with some soda's and maybe a candy bar during the day, but nothing really healthy and my dinner choices were not that far off the good choices list. Anyhow, I was told in order to speed up the metabolism you should eat 5-7 times a day each being a small meal, with a portion of protein with each meal, yada yada yada.

If doing this Warrior diet you only eat during a 4 hour period in the evening, how will that effect your metabolism? Why would this type of diet not cause your metabolism to come to a screaching hault? Or would it? In general, would this diet be good to help break the plateau I am currently at? As I don't think I could manage the Velocity Diet, just something about only having one solid meal a week sorta scares me.

Thanks for any opinions and advice.


Protein shakes are food just like anything else. It's just destroying the dogma that is the problem. I'm not gung-ho about the Velocity diet, but don't let the notion of drinking meals stop you from doing it if that's what seems to be the right plan for your goals.


thw "warrior diet" was a very old article on T-mag. To make a long story short most, but not all, do not think it is a good idea. If you search past discussions threads there should be lots of stuff about it, because the subject pops every once in a while on the discussion page.

I think the biggest thing about the warrior diet was the new way it looked at eating/food, but I do not think many people had success with it in real life.


Thanks, for the reply, I have been reading and just happened onto this article and with the discussions that followed it I was trying to find out more.

Does anyone know what effect it would have on ones metabolism if any?


it would definately slow it down, which is why the author suggests taking a thermogenic throughout the day to keep it going and avoid catobolism....however working out on an empty stomach does promote a metabolism boost


Ok, I get it, I think. Thanks for the help.